Ultahost Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

Very good hosting compared to many. Provides good products along with good support. Moved one of our sites there, absolutely no trouble doing so. However, many can find it a bit lacking since they don’t offer many options, especially product-wise. You have to figure out for yourself which of their services fits your needs.

Since our site is a simple WordPress one, it doesn’t require many resources. But in other cases where sites require additional resources, users may find it challenging because their resources are limited. Additionally, in many cases, if you need additional services, they might ask you to upgrade your plan. Speaking of resources, if you want to avail of any add-ons which they do not provide themselves, you will have to purchase them for an extra price.

This host, as I said, is good. Overall, it provides a balanced approach to everything from support to services, uptime to choosing your own control panel. However, their data centers may be limited, but they work just fine for anybody. Not to mention, they also come with a good knowledge base. So, give it a go if you can.

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One of the best looking offers in the market. And also very nice site. Eye catchy.

Free good support. Migration was so easy with them that I have to do nothing just sit back and relax.

Their offers also provide separate cPanel or Plesk or free panel ones. Which is a very good thing to see upfront if you ask me. It is much appreciated by admins.

Although their uptime and firewall caused me some problem. It was mostly on my end. Couldn’t figure out how to setup properly. But their support helped me to resolve it.

All things are good with these host. A decent 8 out of 10.

Except for the prices. Some people may also find them too much expensive. Although the plans with cPanel have some reasonable price tags.

Have maintained a DS for one my client. No issues while handling the server. Since they come pre-managed so there is nothing much to do either.

One thing I will mention though. My client didn’t get the CPU he requested. And he didn’t got compensated either. CPU he got was good so he didn’t complain. But for many I know that would mean serious breach of trust.

They are good indeed. At first I wasn’t so sure but when I used their services I came to realize instantly that they are a top notch provider.

But their plans are a bit old fashioned and also costly. If they can be little bit less pricey &/or flexible. Then they should gain a ton of customers.

Their support is great along with good service. I am very pleased with their support.

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MDDHosting Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

It’s best for those who are looking for a tension-free service and don’t want to spend much budget on their growing site. This service is seriously suitable and very reasonable for many small and medium-sized site owners. However, mentioning the word ‘best’ doesn’t mean that they don’t have any drawbacks. Their pricing structure is very outdated and limited. If you don’t fit within their options, then you don’t fit with them at all. Their hosting plans are very limited.

They do offer managed VPS services, but it’s for a price, and if you want to get cPanel with it, then it’s going to cost you even more. Their add-on options are also very limited. Moreover, their main site doesn’t provide much information about their data centers. So, if anybody is interested in their services, they have to contact them directly.

Overall, if anybody ignores all of these basic plan, pricing, and feature elements, it is one of the best hosts out there. They are very reliable, secure, and come with great support. If they work on these small kinks that I mentioned above without disturbing their present performance, they could be one of the best in the online business market. I have no doubt about it.

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I have few friends who use their services all of them are long time customers and have been using it without any problem for a long time. Some of our clients also use them. Not a fan of their UI myself but still very good support and service. This host will get 4 out 5 stars from me anytime.

Don’t judge by the looks of their site deceive you. They have a flawless system in place.

I am running two sites on them , it’s been years. Faced no problem at all.

The only problematic thing about them is their name itself. Some might confuse it for others. But other than that they provide very good service overall. I seriously wish that they change their name. So, all the mass confusions can be avoided.

I am just glad that I found this hosting service at the right time. It’s perfect for us.

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Kamatera – Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

This hosting service has one of the best supports in the industry. You can chat with their personnel within seconds and get all your queries answered without facing any problems. Like any other hosting service, they provide a wide range of hardware options from which you can choose. They also offer customizable options, allowing you to optimize your hardware according to your needs. I have briefly used their service, and the packages looked very promising. However, they don’t provide the CPU name right away; they offer specs, but not the company name.

For people seeking hosting solutions for small sites or newbies just starting out, I would not recommend this service. Shared hosting isn’t an option for them. Additionally, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a problem for you because their UI is a bit slow to my liking.

However, when it comes to uptime and speed, they are among the best, if not the best. They have limited data centers in Asia, so it may not be very smooth for everybody. To compensate for that, they have plenty of data centers in the Middle East.

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They are a good service provider. But something is definitely wrong with their support team for sure. I know atleast 20 people and that includes me are totally unsatisfied by their support.

The first thing they messed up after I placed my order is my id. Took hours to confirm and just log in. And also they say they charge you by month. But actually they charged me by hourly rates.

Used Kamatera a while ago.

I don’t remember any problems with them. UI was super easy and very clear to navigate. Clear options to choose datacenters. Very good uptime and customer support that was decent back then.

The only thing that I do remember with them that can be called a problem was they didn’t accepted my credit card right away.

Their datacenters are not very optimized for Asia, they have datacenters but they are based from China which is not very appreciated among the admins at present day.

I have inquired for their services, couldn’t have them because of this just one thing. If Asia then a good dc in Singapore always does the trick.

Their customization options are really a good help to users who are looking for specific server requirements.

And also I have contacted them many times with various types of queries but they were able to solve those with quite efficiently so can’t really complain about their support.

Overall very good service. I can give them 80 easily out of 100.

Good service and also decent support.

They can be a great service if they improve their support. For example the response time of their ticket system is average (for me) or sometimes I have heard took very long. So, definitely space for improvement.

For US users I highly recommend this service. However if you are from elsewhere then you wanna check with them first. You know the datacenter and other usual stuff. US users can enjoy a good response time via phone but other which may not.

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HostHatch Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

Decent hosting provider. Cheap and comes with good performance. Anyone looking for a durable service at a low cost may find this host suitable.

I am seeing online many are complaining about their support. I find them slow yes but saying they are not responsive it is wrong. They get the job done, yes but they take a little bit time.

There is also the case of choosing the correct datacenter. You have to choose it correctly otherwise you may face problem. Their datacenters worldwide are great apart from few European ones which are overloaded.

Another things that caught my eye is that they really need some serious work on their user interface. All it comes down to the ease of your client. You may provide good service but it is of no use if your clients are unable or faces hurdles to use it.

Here are some replies and comments from our HostHatch thread in our forum.

With them for full 4 years haven’t faced any issue.

Any problem gets resolved within reasonable time.

Use them as storage server. They are cheap and doesn’t need much attention so it’s good for me.

Although their support and UI could be better in my opinion.

2 years ago I bought their servers. 2, around $25 costed me back then. Did face some technical issues while getting everything online. Boy ! Their support is slow. it took almost 48 hours to resolve the issue. But after that everything went great. No complains.

Not just their support is slow but their upload speed of backups are also very slow. I have managed few sites with them which are US based and Europe based. US based things work just fine. But in EU it is totally different game.

A storage disk crashed of the EU site ad it took almost forever to reupload it correctly.

Although with these hazards still I will recommend their services to others. Just because of their price.

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Contabo Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

Good service for a very cheap price, I would say. I have used them a few years back. Many complaints with many things, but I would say that you get what you pay for. If you want something reliable with the lowest price, then Contabo is really the service to go for.

Many say that if you buy a cheap Contabo server, then you don’t get 24*7 service. But my experience was a bit different. They answered me every time; yes, every once in a while, it would take a few minutes, but they got the job done every time.

Small blogs with minimum requirements or mid-level sites that don’t need many sophisticated apps can run fine on Contabo without any hitch.

But if you are about to run some specialized apps or services, then I would definitely recommend contacting them first before purchasing anything because it’s better to be safe. You have to hear from them that one specific app will run on that server.

Two friends of mine run just storage servers with them. It’s cheap and requires very low to no maintenance. Contabo is a service where everybody can find a suitable offer for them. It’s the users who have to be wise enough to realize whether or not the offer actually fits their needs.

Here are some replies and comments from our Contabo thread in our forum.

From my experience they can be really good. And they can be really bad. Had two servers with them, haven’t faced any problems with them a long time. So, I decided to go for a third one. And then BAM !! All of the bad reviews that we were reading online became reality. They couldn’t even confirm my order after the payment. And then no refunds. Although the first two servers are running just fine as of today.

They can be either really good or really bad.

If your service is running alright and you don’t have to make any changes then it shall ran seamlessly as always.

But if you have to make changes then contact their support first and get suggestions. Because if you don’t and while doing the change something wrong happens. Then it can be that you will on your own without any help soon.

From my experience they were amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Cheap, reliable and have good support. If don’t have to change things much and run seamlessly after uploading sites without any worry then it’s the service to go with.

I have been using their storage VPS for a while now. Never faced any issue. And also they are super cheap & comes with good support.

For a storage server what more one can ask?

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FrogeHost Reviews and Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

This one is the type of service where nothing can go wrong. For many people, it will be the ultimate hosting provider in a good way. Reasonable pricing, good support, great services, and products that actually suit any small or medium-sized business.

The thing that caught my eye is that their Unmanaged VPS’s are cheap, but their Managed VPS’s are even cheaper compared to their counterparts. And they come with no hidden prices or extra charges. If you buy an Unmanaged VPS, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any technical help from them. They will help you in whatever way they can, which is much appreciated.

This hosting is recommended for advanced as well as basic users. A friend of mine moved his site from another host. He was nervous because he was about to move away from cPanel, which he had used all his life. But the people at Froge made it super easy. It was done very quickly without much of any problems.

Uptime, security, and backups shall not be a concern if anybody avails their services. If you have any specific requirements regarding the above functions, then I suggest you should contact them directly.

Their data centers are very limited and cover America and Europe. So, people from Asia or elsewhere should inquire thoroughly before making any purchase.

Here are some replies and comments from our FrogeHost thread in our forum.

Everybody keep saying that their support is great and they contact you via forums.

But I find it very hard. They are not present in all of the major ones. They are just present in one or two. And active even in less communities.

Anyway, good service. Nothing to complain there. I have used their VPS service so I will just stick to it. They are rather kind of cheap when it comes to managed VPS. But can be sometimes time consuming while resolving smallest of the technical problems.

They have very limited data centers so be careful before buying.

Limited data centers that’s why I have to let their offer go which was very reasonable to me btw .

Pretty good service. I got into a problem and they connected with me through WHT. It was resolved straight away.

All hands down good service. Using their VPS for quite some time now and haven’t had any issue regarding their service.

Their support is also very polite and quite knowledgeable. I had a php related problem. Couldn’t actually use the cURL function properly. I know it was not their territory since they notified me no firewall related problem was there. Still they helped me to get it resolved. I was surprised since no host has the patience to deal with this kind of things.

I would give them 5 out 5 stars easily.

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RackNerd Reviews and Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

A year back I have tested them. So, don’t mind if I say something wrong. I got the VPS as it was already up and running for one of my client. It looked nice. And the prices were very affordable too. Had no issues with them.

But things got hairy when we tried to upgrade the service. They can have hidden fees and may cost a lot more when you are trying to renew. Some people may just ignore these things if the services are good. It is evident though to let everyone know.

Some people might complain about outdated hardware or not good enough customer service. But I found them adequate. Yes, not topnotch but things are ok.

People who have their audience mainly from Asian countries should look closely and objectively to their services. Their datacenters are very limited in Asian region. They have tremendous options for US, Canada and Europe though.

Here are some replies and comments from our RackNerd thread in our forum.

I was using a shared hosting before. And ended up having some problems with the host since shared hosting doesn’t allow much of the freedom.

So, I migrated to Racknerd. Frankly speaking I moved to them and not to any other vps provider is because of their prices. They were providing some good deal with my requirements (2 core, 4GB ram for starters).

Many even told me why I moved to them since it was not a big name to them. But the surprise came to me when I started using them. They have one of the best systems if not the best system. I only faced one technical problem (apache not loading) which was resolved right away. And other problems which were basically my account related were also resolved in very timely and efficient manner.

I would definitely recommend it for the newbies who are staring their journey in the VPS world.

Although, I will appreciate if they display a little less graphics on their own site. I guess you people can say that’s a no thumbs up from me.

I am not saying they are very good. Yes, they have their fair share of flaws as well.

When I bought a shared hosting from them. They weren’t able to deliver it quickly it took a day to setup and launch my site.

But once I got my site online they were flawless.

One of the best experiences so far is with them. I have one of my site’s hosted with them right now.

You get what you paid for. And in reasonable terms. Their services are good but would have loved a bit more options regarding VPS and other things.

When it comes to services they are good as any good hosting provider. But I personally didn’t liked their own site design and graphics. It creates confusion and also takes forever to load sometimes.

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OnetSolutions Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

Good service, with very fast delivery of your items. Also, they come at a reasonable price.

One key point that I would like to mention about this provider is that they give you a clear choice between AMD and Intel, which is appreciated by many professionals. Yes, many providers do that, but they don’t give you the choice right away; however, this provider is an exception. When it comes to VPS, many just prefer to have the option available, although the CPU model is hidden.

Another thing that might be a plus for many users is that they accept cryptocurrency as an option, among others such as credit cards, PayPal, etc.

This provider is ideal for small businesses and medium-sized sites. You can buy their services, install an OS of your choice, and you are good to go. Very impressive uptime and very time-efficient troubleshooting, once they have identified it. Although a bit faster support will be much appreciated.

They have limited data centers, so inquire properly before purchasing their services since this might not be suitable for users who target many countries or sites that expect lightning-fast loading.

Here are some replies and comments from our OnetSolutions thread in our forum.

Service wise ok. Support is not something say lightning fast but it works.

Our VPS took almost half a day to get ready. Even after that we faced some serious login problems. But once they are resolved their service is good and well maintained.

I guess they are hard to set up sometimes.

I think their service and setup depends on where you are. Their servers aren’t very flexible. Anyway, just wanted to add one thing that they have a pretty robust backup system. Which saved me once. They are highly recommended if you are looking to deploy a self-independent & secure system with low hardware specs and within budget.

You have to buy backups for extra money.

As, they have no backup for free or by default it is definitely a thumbs down for me. But else is everything good. Decent setup support and also interface is also friendly. Overall, quite value for money.

What I find about this service provider is that they have great potential. They provide quality service in exchange for reasonable money. If they just dial up their support and provide a bit more flexible data centers (location wise) then no one can stop them to be the next big name of this industry.

Yes, they are good . But with little effort they can be better. They can start working on the customer support first.

Quite reasonable pricing. And good services with respect to the money paid.

I faced a little downtime with them. They said it was some maintenance work at their end. Apart from it everything is fine.

Have tested. Truth to be told I was disappointed at first. I paid but didn’t get the right services right away. But as soon as I contacted them they sort things out.

Apart from this minor thing everything was fine. No downtimes, no waiting to get things done.

A lot of people make mistakes. But doesn’t mean that they are bad. It comes to hosting services as well. The real thing is how quickly they admit their mistake and work on it to correct it. One thing that I can tell that is host is mature enough to admit it’s mistakes and work on it’s shortfalls.

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FiberState Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

I use them frequently as many of our clients also use their services. They are a very reliable service, what can I say? Some of the key factors that I appreciate about them include their user friendly interface and customer centric approach. Additionally, their troubleshooting process is straightforward; they address issues directly, no matter how challenging the situation may be. While this kind of honesty may not be appreciated by all customers, it is certainly valued among professionals.

However, FiberState services can be expensive. So, if you have a budget-sensitive customer, then it may not be the right fit for them. Yes, they offer premium services and top-notch quality, but this comes with a price. Moreover, a basic understanding of server operations, if not advanced, is required. Therefore, small businesses or administrators without a technical team and lacking the necessary knowledge may find this service unsuitable.

It may sound unusual, but FiberState is not the best option for people from all countries. Their data centers are limited, and maintenance, installations, repairs, and upgrades can be troublesome or time-consuming for some customers. I would strongly recommend contacting them directly before purchasing their services.

Apart from these considerations, all other aspects are positive, and no complaints can be made. From security measures to customer support, FiberState excels in these areas.

Here are some replies and comments from our FiberState thread in our forum.

Best non-managed service you can get. Have on of their AMD Ryzen 5700G with 8 cores, it’s on the best services I have ever used. And I have used a lot of other services.

Their support could be little bit faster. Other than that everything is 10 out of 10.

If you are into serious things and needs top-cut professional service then this is it. The services are good and if you have a team to manage these servers for you then even better. I have a two man team & they do all the work for me. Severs can take some to setup for the first time. But that’s it you should never face any problem from them after that, they are that good.

Here all everyone will point out the good ones. So, I will just talk about the bad ones. Main thing that many may face with this service is availability. There servers are limited it may not cover all the places in the world which a user may wanted. And also I think they should improve their working capability with CDN’s.

Other than this it’s one of the best Server provider I have ever came across.

I have tested them once. They are good. But I haven’t got the chance to use them personally for my own projects. The servers were delivered within the hours they were supposed to. Got up and running everything as per schedule no delays.

The thing is they don’t advertise much so many people doesn’t know about them and can become wary. I would definitely recommend it if anybody has some experience managing servers.

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Evolution Host Reviews & Feedback

100% Real Reviews & Feedback from our established community members

Their own site took a little bit of time to load at first, but their services are top-notch. I tested almost four different sites with varying loads, and their performance was really impressive. Although I didn’t check their gaming servers, a close friend of mine highly recommended them, so they must be good as well.

The prices are very reasonable, I would say. They can be easily compared to any cloud hosting services. If you have some technical expertise, I cannot see any problems arising while handling their services, as they also offer excellent support.

Their DDoS protections are also very easy to deploy. While their VPS’s have DDoS protection by default, it is not applicable if you are not using any of their game servers. Their VDS systems also looked very promising to me, although I haven’t had the time to test them yet. Additionally, they have a pretty decent knowledge base, which I suggest they should expand with more content because, in these types of matters, people can’t get enough.

Here are some replies and comments from our Evolution Host thread in our forum.

This service is highly recommended if you are looking for a system that will not break down in chance of any high usage or something such sort.

I have one of their VDS system. I will definitely recommend others for it. Their servers are located all around the world. So, you won’t face server location related problems.

Although it is a service of value for money. But I will recommend to those who knows what they are doing. If you know how to manage a server and what not’s then go for it.

Also their customer service could be better. I have mailed them something showing the stats of our server. And asked to do what next since it is maxing it’s limits. But they haven’t replied me back yet and it’s been 48 hours.

Excellent services.

You can depend on it to work in any condition. Not to mention their VPS’s are super duper fast compared to others.

They have a very smooth service. Had an app developed in one of their VPS’s a while ago. I loved the service. Super fast, which was a very pleasant experience since no other service was that fast while for our apps. Absolutely no down time.

I would say that their interface was a bit problem for me. But that’s just me. Too much graphics or absolutely no graphics both can create problems.

Collaborating with them for over a year felt more like being part of a cohesive business team rather than just a client and hosting company relationship. They consistently assisted me with every challenge, including issues like DDoS protection, ensuring impressive uptime, and delivering exceptional support. Their pricing is reasonable, not exorbitant, and possibly even more affordable compared to the quality of service they provide.

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