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Good service, with very fast delivery of your items. Also, they come at a reasonable price.

One key point that I would like to mention about this provider is that they give you a clear choice between AMD and Intel, which is appreciated by many professionals. Yes, many providers do that, but they don’t give you the choice right away; however, this provider is an exception. When it comes to VPS, many just prefer to have the option available, although the CPU model is hidden.

Another thing that might be a plus for many users is that they accept cryptocurrency as an option, among others such as credit cards, PayPal, etc.

This provider is ideal for small businesses and medium-sized sites. You can buy their services, install an OS of your choice, and you are good to go. Very impressive uptime and very time-efficient troubleshooting, once they have identified it. Although a bit faster support will be much appreciated.

They have limited data centers, so inquire properly before purchasing their services since this might not be suitable for users who target many countries or sites that expect lightning-fast loading.

Here are some replies and comments from our OnetSolutions thread in our forum.

Service wise ok. Support is not something say lightning fast but it works.

Our VPS took almost half a day to get ready. Even after that we faced some serious login problems. But once they are resolved their service is good and well maintained.

I guess they are hard to set up sometimes.

I think their service and setup depends on where you are. Their servers aren’t very flexible. Anyway, just wanted to add one thing that they have a pretty robust backup system. Which saved me once. They are highly recommended if you are looking to deploy a self-independent & secure system with low hardware specs and within budget.

You have to buy backups for extra money.

As, they have no backup for free or by default it is definitely a thumbs down for me. But else is everything good. Decent setup support and also interface is also friendly. Overall, quite value for money.

What I find about this service provider is that they have great potential. They provide quality service in exchange for reasonable money. If they just dial up their support and provide a bit more flexible data centers (location wise) then no one can stop them to be the next big name of this industry.

Yes, they are good . But with little effort they can be better. They can start working on the customer support first.

Quite reasonable pricing. And good services with respect to the money paid.

I faced a little downtime with them. They said it was some maintenance work at their end. Apart from it everything is fine.

Have tested. Truth to be told I was disappointed at first. I paid but didn’t get the right services right away. But as soon as I contacted them they sort things out.

Apart from this minor thing everything was fine. No downtimes, no waiting to get things done.

A lot of people make mistakes. But doesn’t mean that they are bad. It comes to hosting services as well. The real thing is how quickly they admit their mistake and work on it to correct it. One thing that I can tell that is host is mature enough to admit it’s mistakes and work on it’s shortfalls.

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