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Good service for a very cheap price, I would say. I have used them a few years back. Many complaints with many things, but I would say that you get what you pay for. If you want something reliable with the lowest price, then Contabo is really the service to go for.

Many say that if you buy a cheap Contabo server, then you don’t get 24*7 service. But my experience was a bit different. They answered me every time; yes, every once in a while, it would take a few minutes, but they got the job done every time.

Small blogs with minimum requirements or mid-level sites that don’t need many sophisticated apps can run fine on Contabo without any hitch.

But if you are about to run some specialized apps or services, then I would definitely recommend contacting them first before purchasing anything because it’s better to be safe. You have to hear from them that one specific app will run on that server.

Two friends of mine run just storage servers with them. It’s cheap and requires very low to no maintenance. Contabo is a service where everybody can find a suitable offer for them. It’s the users who have to be wise enough to realize whether or not the offer actually fits their needs.

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From my experience they can be really good. And they can be really bad. Had two servers with them, haven’t faced any problems with them a long time. So, I decided to go for a third one. And then BAM !! All of the bad reviews that we were reading online became reality. They couldn’t even confirm my order after the payment. And then no refunds. Although the first two servers are running just fine as of today.

They can be either really good or really bad.

If your service is running alright and you don’t have to make any changes then it shall ran seamlessly as always.

But if you have to make changes then contact their support first and get suggestions. Because if you don’t and while doing the change something wrong happens. Then it can be that you will on your own without any help soon.

From my experience they were amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Cheap, reliable and have good support. If don’t have to change things much and run seamlessly after uploading sites without any worry then it’s the service to go with.

I have been using their storage VPS for a while now. Never faced any issue. And also they are super cheap & comes with good support.

For a storage server what more one can ask?

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