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Good service for a very cheap price, I would say. I have used them a few years back. Many complaints with many things, but I would say that you get what you pay for. If you want something reliable with the lowest price, then Contabo is really the service to go for.

Many say that if you buy a cheap Contabo server, then you don’t get 24*7 service. But my experience was a bit different. They answered me every time; yes, every once in a while, it would take a few minutes, but they got the job done every time.

Small blogs with minimum requirements or mid-level sites that don’t need many sophisticated apps can run fine on Contabo without any hitch.

But if you are about to run some specialized apps or services, then I would definitely recommend contacting them first before purchasing anything because it’s better to be safe. You have to hear from them that one specific app will run on that server.

Two friends of mine run just storage servers with them. It’s cheap and requires very low to no maintenance. Contabo is a service where everybody can find a suitable offer for them. It’s the users who have to be wise enough to realize whether or not the offer actually fits their needs.

Here are some replies and comments from our Contabo thread in our forum.

From my experience they can be really good. And they can be really bad. Had two servers with them, haven’t faced any problems with them a long time. So, I decided to go for a third one. And then BAM !! All of the bad reviews that we were reading online became reality. They couldn’t even confirm my order after the payment. And then no refunds. Although the first two servers are running just fine as of today.

They can be either really good or really bad.

If your service is running alright and you don’t have to make any changes then it shall ran seamlessly as always.

But if you have to make changes then contact their support first and get suggestions. Because if you don’t and while doing the change something wrong happens. Then it can be that you will on your own without any help soon.

From my experience they were amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Cheap, reliable and have good support. If don’t have to change things much and run seamlessly after uploading sites without any worry then it’s the service to go with.

I have been using their storage VPS for a while now. Never faced any issue. And also they are super cheap & comes with good support.

For a storage server what more one can ask?

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Google’s November Review 2023 Update has rolled out

Reactions, Feedback & Comments regarding Google’s November 2023 Review Update

On November 8 Google started rolling out another update along with the Google’s Core November update 2023 which started rolling on November 2. It ended rolling out 29 days later.
There are some crazy feedbacks regarding this update.
Here are some from our own forum.

Traffic is tanked for all niche sites it seems.

70% dip in traffic in our case since last week.

It took a while to understand fully what’s going on. Since the core update and the review update are rolling out simultaneously. Core updates are creating massive fluctuations but they are responsible for any kind of bad indexing or not indexing phenomenons.

In the review update we are seeing many wrong pages getting indexed and ranked. In some cases only the tags are getting indexed and not the page itself. The quality of the SERP’s hence has fallen to a new low.

Many who got hit in October are not feeling anything now after this update. Oddly many low famed tech related sites are ranking well after the core update of November.

Many are saying that forums are ranking high. I can assure you that it not the case at all for all forums. Unless they are huge in their niche.

Sites like reddit are still dominating and answers are provided from Quora.

It is planned. And the ones who are telling that it by accident or something else. Have no clue whatsoever. Quora, reddit and other sites like them are not ranking well just now. Well they are ranking pretty high since the last 2 years or so. Google used to have balance between these sites and small/medium sized niche sites. But now somehow the balance is broken. And they aren’t even trying fix it. Moreover, with each update things are only getting bad. In review update I am seeing only reviews from large sites are doing well. No, mid sized review site is present in the SERP atleast not in the first page. G is just now making it’s large advertisers happy. They aren’t here to make mid level businesses happy and they are openly showing it.

My guess is that they have a parameter set in their system. No matter what happens those sites (the big ones) will remain unchanged. And with all the messed up updates it is getting highlighted even more.

Small forums don’t even stand a chance if that what’s you are asking.

Mid and big owners are a different story. That is also depends. If a site is popular then good if not then mid or big forums also haven’t performed well.

Google’s November 2023 Core update is live

Reactions, Feedback & Comments regarding Google’s November 2023 Core Update

Google has announced that it has started rolling out a Core update in November 2023. It may take a week or two to fully roll out. Along with it Google will start rolling out another update “Google’s November Review Update 2023“, it has also announced.

As soon as the word got out, Reactions started coming in. And also, as time passed, people started seeing fluctuations visually. Some of the replies from WebmastersWorld and X.

It just gets worse and worse for us, too. The “reviews” updates hit us hard, and while we didn’t see any major gains or losses in the most recent Helpful Content Update, the core updates (including this one) have not been kind.

I wouldn’t feel entitled to complain if we were just losing rankings and traffic for random articles or minor subtopics, but it’s galling to see us losing ground for our most popular topic, where we’ve created a body of useful, regularly updated informational content over the last 2+ decades.

I get the feeling that subject expertise and experience (which have seemed to benefit us in the past) are getting less attention in the most recent updates. Contrary to what Google’s guidelines might suggest, the proof of the pudding is no longer in the E-E-A-Ting.

Running some analysis, I see that the bing/yahoo/duckduckgo traffic to my highly buyer-intent articles has skyrocketed % wise…Because Google has been sending fewer and fewer people.

My informative/not as buyer-intent focused articles have been fluctuating around +/- 10% since this particular update started.

Still hit hard after the HCU and October update, but at least November isn’t another -30% or something. The annihilation of buyer-intent articles feels rough, though. On some of them it’s 20-25% coming from other search engines. It used to be like 5%.

If you go by GA4, don’t. It is glitched right now and shows less than actual visits.

Update about my situation:

Main site was in freefall on Saturday and Sunday after reaching very high levels on Friday. It is still at around all time high levels but a lot lower than Friday. Maybe today will be better, but I don’t count on it.

Secondary sites continue to be reliably dead. Although my smallest one did show some improvement on Sunday.

What happened on Saturday/Sunday looks like partial reversal of October Core. Lots of “niche sites” and “made for affiliate” crud showed some vital signs again, unfortunately, as I was hoping those hit will stay hit forever.

There was huge collateral damage to September/October updates, including my own smaller sites, so clearly there is no magic bullet to sort out low value sites. Google is chasing their tail, although they did seem to get something sort-of-right for a fleeting moment.

Some of the replies from BlackHatWorld.

More spam and old Reddit articles are ranking high in my main niche. Curiously enough, a site in the gaming niche that happens to have a random page in the niche I’m in is ranking above mine.

The content on it is absolute garbage, it reads as though it’s been written after a few Jack and cokes.

Lost ~25 to 30% in October, got about half of that back so far. Let’s see how the rest of it goes.

And some of the replies from our own forum.

Google is just punishing niche based sites. They are not targeting any big ones which specializes in nothing but have articles of everything. If you are a site in a niche which you probably are then it’s time to go global field wise. Otherwise, you won’t be able to compete.

Forbes and other big sites. Just have many pages which are one sentence or two sentence article. Yet, they are able to go and win against the most prominent info pages of any specific niche. I remember G said that G don’t value domain but pages. Then how come this is happening?

A friend of mine have a eCommerce site which has many sub-domains. Suddenly, one of them is ranking high. I mean it is at the top now. And the sub-domain is not even completely built it just for support purposes for customers.

I mean seeing Quora and Reddit for queries which aren’t even right for the query in the SERP’s. It’s an absolute mess. G is simply giving wrong answers now.

I can confirm this with our own ecommerce site’s fluctuations. They are not sub-domains, yes not all of them but some.

Google is very selective. It’s like they are giving ranks to the small sites which queries posses no value of money.

This month is supposed to be the earning month. But instead it’s quite the opposite.

December 2022 Google’s Link Spam Update

We quickly found that many are complaining about Google is not being fair. Many complained that they haven’t bought any links & are not part of any link exchange schemes.

There was a lot of fluctuation in the SERP’s lately. Specially since December 13. Many even suspected whether or not there is an update going on. Like this one in our forum.

Either another update is incoming or this present one is a mess.

Huge amount of bot activity on many sites.

Traffic is also a bit up but for a thin margin.

Later, Google Search Liason confirmed that there is indeed an update. As soon as we started reading some comments and reactions. We quickly found that many are complaining about Google is not being fair. Many complained that they haven’t bought any links & are not part of any link exchange schemes. Since,this update unlike the previous Google update will use an AI (Spam Brain).

Here are some replies from Webmaster World.

Is that the 2398th or 2399th time Google has told us spam links will no longer work?

My take: If all the links on your pages, internal and external, are either navigational, directly supporting the topic of the page(a resource to learn more etc.) or a citation, you’re fine. I think they’ve said this 500 times, too.

What I really wanted to say: Spam Brain is such a perfect name. It tries to sound smart… but there’s still spam in there. It’s like saying “Spanish Blue Eyes”, is the blue Spanish, or are the blue eyes Spanish? Thanks for the Brain made of spam?

Translated: Google has a thing that’s doing a thing, and they won’t give us the instruction manual or tell us specifically how it works. Deja-vu.

A dedicated AI on link spam is likely to be more efficient than previous attempts.

What’ll be interesting to see is how deep or shallow the parameters are set. We should watch this space for casualties which will give us an indication.

Traffic is all over the place…skyrocketing the first half of the day, then dropping off a cliff suddenly. My home page and major landing pages all taking major hits in traffic, -80% some days, then reverting back to normal, then dropping again…on and off for almost two weeks already. Yesterday UK traffic suddenly turned off entirely and was -45% by day’s end…today USA traffic was down by 72% this morn. Meanwhile, visits to individual content pages are still fairly strong.

Visits to individual pages (“one hit wonders”) are almost always lower quality searches and traffic…they rarely result in sales / conversions. Home page and landing page traffic result from more important high volume searches, and that is what is clearly being siphoned off with these latest moves by Google

Some of the replies in BHW.

It’s just a rehash of what big G has been saying for at least a decade, but with the addition of ‘AI’ to scare people into thinking they’re suddenly all-knowing.

you know what I mean – – it’s not about making an emotional argument for/against Google, the SERPs are proof of Google’s competency. Rationally, after perusing search results across niches, does anyone here honestly feel that Google is doing a great job when it comes to relevance?

I’m not even hating on Google, perhaps if they just owned up and said “hey, we try to implement some stuff, but it’s 50-50, sometimes it works, sometimes we tank sites unintentionally.

Some of the replies in our forum.

Here in UK, the Wednesday started a bit usual. Nothing much to observe. Although I was seeing a decent amount of traffic which has higher bounce rate.

But after a couple hours later. Things tend to unfold. Traffic tanked or fell of a cliff. Then again hours later at night, to some point traffic did came back. And overall traffic was the same for whole day.

Also I would like to mention that didn’t Google recently said that they no longer consider link as main thing to evaluate any page ?! Now they are producing this link related update. What a load of bull cr*p.

The thing is G is trying desperately to take attention of the public from the real issue with these updates. The actual reason behind these updates is that. G don’t want us to talk about the Search Results which are filled with ads. And very low on actual organic results.

Indeed I am only seeing Chinese products now in the results specifically to say ads.

Many are also complaining that their pages are bombarded with Chinese traffic. This is also harming the overall conversion of any page.

For indexing issues it is advised that you submit your pages to different social channels and content sharing sites (social bookmarking sites, directory submission sites, blog submission sites). They shall help you.

December 2022 Google’s Helpful Content Update

We looked into the public reactions in public forums and social media. It looks like Google this time has managed to get a mixed reaction.

As soon as Google Search Liaison twitted about the update reactions from all across the world started coming in. Although people were talking about some unknown update since the last few days.

We looked into the public reactions in public forums and social media. It looks like Google this time has managed to get a mixed reaction. There are a number of people those who are so not happy about this. Their rankings have fallen off a cliff. But there is also a handful of people who are saying that their rankings have improved since the update started rolling out.

The majority of the sites which have taken a hit badly are small sites specially blogs or smaller affiliate sites. But there are some big sites as well. Have a look at these tweets.


Here are some replies from Webmaster World.

My guess is this update will have the opposite effect of its name, being hurtful to pages with unique content, products, services, etc. But I’m sure it does help shape the reality of webmasters when they use names like “helpful” or cute & cuddly creatures like a Panda and so on. It’s been years since Google released an update that actually helped us, but judging by Google’s profits the updates sure helped them.

I am seeing a huge hit today…my USA traffic is down 54% this morning. Ex-USA seems to be steady. Previously I have seen al EN language traffic very rocky, surging one day, dropping the next…but USA has been affected the most. I have lost a considerable number of top 10 ranking terms today alone, both mobile and desktop.

It is not helpfull Content update, it is: HELP google get FULL Control update

Some of the replies from our own forum’s google update discussion.

Organic traffic has dropped of a cliff.

We are just holding onto direct and referral traffic.

Back then gaming niche was fine.

But now it’s not. Weekend traffic has fallen to 50%. And even week day traffic is down by a lot.

Some of the replies in Black Hat World.

Interesting, my site that got hit on September 13th (I’ve lost track of which update was named what, have to go by dates) seems to be doing a bit better today. I did some improvements to it, not as much as I wanted to, still some thin content on there but I’ve lost motivation for now. Let’s see what happens in the coming days. Anything is a bonus, I’ve kinda written it off.

I was wondering why my one of my non-English PAA sites, who’s had a nice growth over the last month, suddenly took a nose-dive yesterday…I didn’t know there had been an update, but that explains it. And here I was sitting and preparing to hit 50k sessions next week so I could apply for Mediavine

We have noticed that many are also facing an indexing issue in Google. Our suggestion is that submit your pages to social channels and different content sharing sites (social bookmarking sites, directory submission sites, blog submission sites) as well. They may speed up the process of indexing.

Another Google Search & Ranking Update on August 15?!

Another Google Ranking & Search update on August 15?! Or, it was just another glitch? Last week I reported that there were sightings on a possible update. And webmasters around the world too observed the fluctuations in Google SERP’s. But later it was informed from Google that it was merely a glitch from their end.

Now, again on this weekend many keyword rankings were going upside down. Some webmasters were reporting off the chart sales and revenue. While some were saying that they are back to zombie like traffic.

Many were also saying that it is probably a roll back to the May’s Core update. Although I personally doubted it very much. But we’re unable to ignore the signs that it was completely unlike. Some were also saying a roll back to the June’s.

Anyway, all the tools and sensors were also going crazy over this.


Now, after going crazy on August 15 and August 16. Some were reporting that since the later hours of August 16, SERP’s have cooled off and going back to normal.

Webmasters are now doubtful on what it was that actually happened. It surely looked like a roll back experiment which was a eventually stopped.

Here are some posts from the WebmastersWorld Forum.

It looks like they rolled out an update or broke something on 15th and rolled it back later. This triggered the senors on both days.

Yesterday the 6 hour window of incredible conversions was not associated with any serp change…just the usual low traffic that suddenly started converting like mad….it was “anti-zombie” traffic. Lol

Now I am having high traffic on two of my sites in the same niche. Zero conversion. It looks like the zombies are back…

Despite a 300% increase in conversions yesterday (Saturday), we had far less conversions then the prior Saturday. On the other hand, our Amazon sales skyrocketed. I had to open the shop yesterday so we could pack/ship all the orders. I’m heading in to work today to do some administrative work to free me up for Monday since sales from Amazon are still on fire.

Some of the replies from Black Hat World.

Google just did an update on or around a hour ago. Looks like they reverted the changes made very early in the morning.

Everything is reverted back. I assume they are checking on some new algo and this version was quite fine tuned. This time, I didn’t see any stupid links ranking in top 10. All quality websites were ranked in top 10.

The rankings are being reverted back to what they were a day before yesterday.

Replies from our own forum.

In internet and telecom niche. Its been blazing good. Noticeable increase in conversions. Usually a site which receives around 2k visits on Sunday’s are still struggling to get to the limit. But ad revenue and sales are off the charts. While usually its 2-5 sales on holidays and weekends. Its now 25 or even 30.

Adwords is also working fine. ROI is really good. I haven’t seen something like this for a long time.

Big Search Update is going on – August 2020

Since the last 48 hours more or less most webmasters around the world has come to this conclusion that an update indeed is going on and it is a big one.

For the last couple of days there has been a lot of debates regarding an update. Some said about a bug in Google’s end, others were discussing about any experiment in the SERP’s taking place.

Nobody knew for sure. But since the last 48 hours more or less most webmasters around the world has come to this conclusion that an update indeed is going on and it is a big one.

Here are some of the replies given in the WebmastersWorld forum.

Yes a significant drop in traffic since Monday (ecommerce FR, Brand website)

My websites as well as many of my clients dropped so much that I though many of them are about to disappear completely from the SERP. This is the First time I’m experiencing such huge drops. Google is definitely ruining our lives for good with their crappy updates

This morning, zero traffic. From lunch until now a very heavy traffic. Best pageview in such a short time since the creation of my website. Suddenly everything disappeared… Today G is crazy…

Here are some replies from the Black Hat World forum.

Yeah but this does not seem like a regular weekly or monthly ones. Seems like big core update again if i am not wrong

Yes, definitely. Just saw one of my authority sites lost lots of rankings. Something big is coming or going on.

HUGE update for my sites, a lot of Pinterst pins ranking above my homepage. Pages that were sitting in the top 3 for years now in the 60s+

Some of the replies from our own forum.

Google is performing some kind of experiment. It’s not an update. Because if rankings fell or disappear, they came back after a few hours.

Earth shattering movements in many niches. I don’t think now that it is an experiment or a bug. Some keyword’s across many niches just popped at the top from nowhere and some has gone to nothing.

For those who are facing issues indexing new article through GSC and automatically. It’s my personal opinion that get your page exposed somehow. Maybe its via social media channels or through social bookmarking sites. The method doesn’t matter here.

Another Google’s June 2020 Algorithm Update?!

Many evergreen pages in every niche are missing from the SERP’s. They are not getting outranked but disappearing all of a sudden from the search results.

“Is there another update going on?” We are hearing this a lot since the last weekend. And frankly can’t blame the site owners. As, we too are seeing some serious changes in the SERP’s.

Many evergreen pages in every niche are missing from the SERP’s. They are not getting outranked but disappearing all of a sudden from the search results.

In GSC, its visible that pages are disappearing, but can’t follow any pattern there. Tensions are rising as many fearing their pages can also disappear without any notice or trace.

We also talked some of the site owner’s who are facing this problem. They notified us that they haven’t got any manual action penalty or such sort which can indicate where the problem is.

Apparently, this thing global right now. As, many in the online communities are talking about it. Here are some comments from the WebmasterWorld.

Apparently G’s doesn’t like our site. I’ve lost 10s of high profile keywords to be found nowhere in serps. So nothing new it seems after the May update.

Seeing big changes on the UGC side, or simply outbound links side of it. Could this be related to Google announcing last fall that they are going to be treating no_follow links differently?

Here are some comments of the discussion going on our forum. Following the Google SERP & Algorithm Changes. Many are also questioning about bugs.

GSC just vanished few urls of ours. Is it a bug or something else?

I hope its a bug. Because are reporting this. A sudden de-indexing is a real challenge for any webmaster. A sudden de-indexing is a real challenge for any webmaster.

Meanwhile SEMrush Sensor’s are also showing signs of an update.


Many are also having issues indexing new article through GSC and automatically. It’s my personal opinion that get your page exposed somehow. Maybe its via social media channels or through social bookmarking sites. The method doesn’t matter here.

Top 145+ Image Submission Sites List – 2023

High DA, PR Image Submission & Photo Sharing Sites List – 2020

What are Image Submission ?

Image Directory submission or a commonly known Image Submission is the process of submitting images to an image directory (a third party site) site for the sake of the various advantages and benefits. It is done by webmasters to increase the exposure & outreach of the image. And in return get targeted traffic in the form direct or referral.

Some might also argue about earning links through image submission. So, you might boost your SEO. But I will say that don’t get your hopes too high. While doing it stick to getting exposure as much as you can.

Types of Image Submission

There are basically three types of Submission that can be used to take the max advantage out of it.

i. Image Sharing Sites – These sites allow you to share a picture or image of yours where you can put a hyperlink link on your image. In other words you are building backlinks through these images.

ii. Image Hosting Sites – These sites allow you to submit an image into their site just like the sharing sites. But here you won’t be able to put a hyperlink instead you have to put a link in the description of the image.

iii. Copyright-Free Image Sharing Sites – These sites are public platforms where images are shared for others to use in ways whatever they may please. Since, they are free to use so many users also make them watermarked in order to make their exposure shout. Otherwise, you may only use a link in your profile for others to see on that site.

Why we should consider doing Image Submission? What are the benefits?

The main reason behind considering doing image submission is the outreach and exposure. Although image submission has several benefits. We should not just consider but also actually do it. Because in my opinion, one should avail every possible opportunity to make a name.

Image submission can help you get immense amount of targeted traffic.

If you want to do content marketing via images by producing quality infographs,flow charts, vein diagrams, etc then it can get you the proper outreach to your audience that you seek.

Good images always help attract more and more people because they act as a banner ad for your brand and business.

As, you gain exposure and your content reaches the correct audience. It is also more likely that your audience will try to link up to your site. Which will in return get you more targeted referral traffic and also help you with rankings.

Things to remember while doing Image Submission

Always select the most appropriate image. Use the image which serves the most for it’s purpose. One image is like one story so try to do justice to it.

Along with a good image. You will need a good description & title as well. These two don’t only have to represent the image but also have to be interesting enough for users to come and see.

Some image sharing sites and platforms need specific modifications. So they can maximize the reach of the images. These are often neglected by the users. So, try not to avoid them. And also if you optimize your image for all devices all at once, then it is even better.

Best 140+ Image Submission Sites

Site Name

If you like image submission sites for outreach & SEO. Then you should also check out social bookmarking sites list, directory submission list, business listing sites list.

Top Image Submission Sites

Considering all the merits and demerits. Here is the top image submission sites list.


Flickr is an American image & video hosting service which also provide a community experience to the users. It has 112 million registered users. And also 3.5 million images are uploaded every single day. It is a great place to start image sharing.


Tumblr is a microblogging site which also allows users to upload and share images. It is one of the most popular and also well know platform for microblogging. It hosts around 529 million blogs.


Pinterest is a social media site just for images and pictures. And it is one of the most popular platforms in it’s kind as well.


Just like Pinterest, Instagram is also another social media site designed solely for images and pictures. People are able to target audience via hashtags. Moreover, if you are willing to spend money on advertising. Then Instagram can be pretty effective in terms of outreach.


500px is also another good platform for image sharing. This platform claims to be the host of one of the most highest resolution and best images all over the internet.


This service is the most favorite among the blogger’s and users who are looking for a quick & simple place to host their images. With just a few clicks we will be able to generate a desired url as per your likings for your image which you can share wherever you please.


Pixabay is a free stock photography and royalty-free stock media website. Users are free to use each other’s photo & videos under the Pixabay license.


Fotki is a digital photo & video sharing social networking site and web service’s suite. Fotki licenses photo-sharing software for many global companies, such as Telecom Italia,, Sears, Mark Travel,, etc

News related to our Site:

We recently added dedicated sub-forums for Domain and Web Hosting. That includes Web Hosting Forum, VPS Forum, Dedicated Server Forum, Cloud Hosting Forum, Web Hosting Offers, Domain Forum etc.

6 Things You Must Do After Publishing Any Blog Post

You can’t just publish an article and expect to get traffic to it forever. You can’t just perform a successful marketing campaign & expect the same technique to work every single time.

Publishing an article is only 50% of the entire work. In order to get your article the proper outreach it deserves and/or it needs, there’s a lot more work needed to be done.

Even though your article is good and very helpful to your audience. Still, it can go unnoticed. Search engines like Google can’t even bother to index it. Your own audience won’t even know your post exists if you don’t let them know.

You have to make sure that all the effort and the hard work that you did don’t go unnoticed. At least do your part of outreaching it to your proper audience.

Here are some few things that you need to do in order to get your piece the proper exposure.

Create a summary & post it in the mass answering sites:

If your post is large such as a tutorial or step by step guide then you should create a summary. And publish it in the mass answering sites (like Reddit & Quora). The reason I am separately mentioning these two sites and not just putting them in the list of all social bookmarking sites list is just because these two have immense potential of sending traffic to your site. Both short term and in long term basis.

In your summary put all the main points of your article with a short description with them so you can compel the audience to click on the link coming to your page.

Now many of you guys might say that in a site like Quora how am I supposed to put my article summary (or any part of it) without being flagged. The answer is simple make your posts as much as natural & relevant if you are answering somebody. The main objective should be offering help and in the process earn some exposure out of it (if you can).

Create Videos & Infographs, and put them in the proper channels:

Limiting your content only in the text form is foolishness these days. After the Google’s Core May 2020 algorithm update its pretty much clear as a sunny day that one should diversify his or her’s content.

Create a podcast of your article & put it on YouTube. Create a inforgraph of your step-by-step guide and put it on the image sharing sites. And don’t forget the proper #tags with them when you do.

Send Newsletters:

Its probably the most effective and high ROI yielding technique of all. But it only works if you have a good subscriber base in your blog.

Write a good teaser of your article and send it to your subscribers. Now this can be tricky your email has to be compelling enough to get a click back, but also it cannot be too persuasive, so that your subscribers may think that you are just click baiting them.

Try to make your newsletters as much as a personal human to human interaction like. Your subscribers must feel like that they are talking to you and not to an answering machine or getting an automated message.

Most obviously promote through social networking sites & social bookmarking sites:

These campaigns should be like never ending. Use automated tools to recycle your old posts and tweets. Whenever you can, you put a short link of your post in your tweets.

Again, use the summary of your article & put it in platforms like Linkedin Content Publishing platform. Make use of your infographs & videos. Put them in Pinterest, Vimeo etc. Promotion in social networking sites doesn’t have to be direct always. It can be done & should be done indirectly too. It’s not all about getting as much as traffic. It’s also about getting your brand name out there. Making your name stand up in the crowd.

And don’t do promotion all the time. It will only make you look greedy. Social media is all about fun, so try to have some and then occasionally put your word out.

Put your piece in social bookmarking sites as well. Although they are not much effective these days, but still when it comes to brand awareness and exposure then can perform really well.

Reach out personally to your fellow writers:

You guys may wanna ask me why? The reason is simple & pretty straight. They can help you by getting you the exposure you seek.

Many influencer’s do paid tweets. You can ask them to promote your article for a fee. Many also do for a favor or something else. I will suggest that you go talk to them directly & figure yourself out whatever that suits you.

Many bloggers can also help you earn links. If there are dead links in their site’s which can be replaced by your page’s link. Then you just have to make an offer that they can’t refuse.

In my case, I talk to my fellow marketers though social channels and forums, even though when I don’t want something from them in return. A good relationship makes easy to ask for a favor. And also it helps me to keep myself updated & keep my head in the game.

Act Accordingly:

You can’t just publish an article and expect to get traffic to it forever. You can’t just perform a successful marketing campaign & expect the same technique to work every single time.

You have to update your post, marketing technique, outreach methods, social media tactics, according to the need of time.

The most basic example of updating the post will be adding tags. If you are currently ranking and getting traffic for ‘best books on server maintenance’, and you saw an opportunity to get ranked for ‘best books on CentOS server’ or ‘best books on Ubuntu server’. Then I will say add those tags right away, if more tags mean more targeted traffic then why not?

Now, just adding only those tags might not work every time. You have to update your article according to it as well. Because if a user comes to your site by clicking on one of those tags and don’t get what he or she may be looking for then it will be just bad.

This goes same as well with social media and other marketing campaigns and/or techniques as well. Update & upgrade so you might have an evergreen piece.