Google’s November Review 2023 Update has rolled out

Reactions, Feedback & Comments regarding Google’s November 2023 Review Update

On November 8 Google started rolling out another update along with the Google’s Core November update 2023 which started rolling on November 2. It ended rolling out 29 days later.
There are some crazy feedbacks regarding this update.
Here are some from our own forum.

Traffic is tanked for all niche sites it seems.

70% dip in traffic in our case since last week.

It took a while to understand fully what’s going on. Since the core update and the review update are rolling out simultaneously. Core updates are creating massive fluctuations but they are responsible for any kind of bad indexing or not indexing phenomenons.

In the review update we are seeing many wrong pages getting indexed and ranked. In some cases only the tags are getting indexed and not the page itself. The quality of the SERP’s hence has fallen to a new low.

Many who got hit in October are not feeling anything now after this update. Oddly many low famed tech related sites are ranking well after the core update of November.

Many are saying that forums are ranking high. I can assure you that it not the case at all for all forums. Unless they are huge in their niche.

Sites like reddit are still dominating and answers are provided from Quora.

It is planned. And the ones who are telling that it by accident or something else. Have no clue whatsoever. Quora, reddit and other sites like them are not ranking well just now. Well they are ranking pretty high since the last 2 years or so. Google used to have balance between these sites and small/medium sized niche sites. But now somehow the balance is broken. And they aren’t even trying fix it. Moreover, with each update things are only getting bad. In review update I am seeing only reviews from large sites are doing well. No, mid sized review site is present in the SERP atleast not in the first page. G is just now making it’s large advertisers happy. They aren’t here to make mid level businesses happy and they are openly showing it.

My guess is that they have a parameter set in their system. No matter what happens those sites (the big ones) will remain unchanged. And with all the messed up updates it is getting highlighted even more.

Small forums don’t even stand a chance if that what’s you are asking.

Mid and big owners are a different story. That is also depends. If a site is popular then good if not then mid or big forums also haven’t performed well.