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FrogeHost - All in One Thread
Discuss anything and everything about FrogeHost. Reviews, reactions, feedback everything is welcome in this thread.
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  • tabassum21
Everybody keep saying that their support is great and they contact you via forums.

But I find it very hard. They are not present in all of the major ones. They are just present in one or two. And active even in less communities.

Anyway, good service. Nothing to complain there. I have used their VPS service so I will just stick to it. They are rather kind of cheap when it comes to managed VPS. But can be sometimes time consuming while resolving smallest of the technical problems.

They have very limited data centers so be careful before buying.
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  • evancr
Limited data centers that's why I have to let their offer go which was very reasonable to me btw .
[-] The following 1 user Likes evancr's post:
  • tabassum21
Pretty good service. I got into a problem and they connected with me through WHT. It was resolved straight away.
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  • tabassum21
All hands down good service. Using their VPS for quite some time now and haven't had any issue regarding their service.

Their support is also very polite and quite knowledgeable. I had a php related problem. Couldn't actually use the cURL function properly. I know it was not their territory since they notified me no firewall related problem was there. Still they helped me to get it resolved. I was surprised since no host has the patience to deal with this kind of things.

I would give them 5 out 5 stars easily.

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