Another Google Search & Ranking Update on August 15?!

Another Google Ranking & Search update on August 15?! Or, it was just another glitch? Last week I reported that there were sightings on a possible update. And webmasters around the world too observed the fluctuations in Google SERP’s. But later it was informed from Google that it was merely a glitch from their end.

Now, again on this weekend many keyword rankings were going upside down. Some webmasters were reporting off the chart sales and revenue. While some were saying that they are back to zombie like traffic.

Many were also saying that it is probably a roll back to the May’s Core update. Although I personally doubted it very much. But we’re unable to ignore the signs that it was completely unlike. Some were also saying a roll back to the June’s.

Anyway, all the tools and sensors were also going crazy over this.


Now, after going crazy on August 15 and August 16. Some were reporting that since the later hours of August 16, SERP’s have cooled off and going back to normal.

Webmasters are now doubtful on what it was that actually happened. It surely looked like a roll back experiment which was a eventually stopped.

Here are some posts from the WebmastersWorld Forum.

It looks like they rolled out an update or broke something on 15th and rolled it back later. This triggered the senors on both days.

Yesterday the 6 hour window of incredible conversions was not associated with any serp change…just the usual low traffic that suddenly started converting like mad….it was “anti-zombie” traffic. Lol

Now I am having high traffic on two of my sites in the same niche. Zero conversion. It looks like the zombies are back…

Despite a 300% increase in conversions yesterday (Saturday), we had far less conversions then the prior Saturday. On the other hand, our Amazon sales skyrocketed. I had to open the shop yesterday so we could pack/ship all the orders. I’m heading in to work today to do some administrative work to free me up for Monday since sales from Amazon are still on fire.

Some of the replies from Black Hat World.

Google just did an update on or around a hour ago. Looks like they reverted the changes made very early in the morning.

Everything is reverted back. I assume they are checking on some new algo and this version was quite fine tuned. This time, I didn’t see any stupid links ranking in top 10. All quality websites were ranked in top 10.

The rankings are being reverted back to what they were a day before yesterday.

Replies from our own forum.

In internet and telecom niche. Its been blazing good. Noticeable increase in conversions. Usually a site which receives around 2k visits on Sunday’s are still struggling to get to the limit. But ad revenue and sales are off the charts. While usually its 2-5 sales on holidays and weekends. Its now 25 or even 30.

Adwords is also working fine. ROI is really good. I haven’t seen something like this for a long time.

Big Search Update is going on – August 2020

Since the last 48 hours more or less most webmasters around the world has come to this conclusion that an update indeed is going on and it is a big one.

For the last couple of days there has been a lot of debates regarding an update. Some said about a bug in Google’s end, others were discussing about any experiment in the SERP’s taking place.

Nobody knew for sure. But since the last 48 hours more or less most webmasters around the world has come to this conclusion that an update indeed is going on and it is a big one.

Here are some of the replies given in the WebmastersWorld forum.

Yes a significant drop in traffic since Monday (ecommerce FR, Brand website)

My websites as well as many of my clients dropped so much that I though many of them are about to disappear completely from the SERP. This is the First time I’m experiencing such huge drops. Google is definitely ruining our lives for good with their crappy updates

This morning, zero traffic. From lunch until now a very heavy traffic. Best pageview in such a short time since the creation of my website. Suddenly everything disappeared… Today G is crazy…

Here are some replies from the Black Hat World forum.

Yeah but this does not seem like a regular weekly or monthly ones. Seems like big core update again if i am not wrong

Yes, definitely. Just saw one of my authority sites lost lots of rankings. Something big is coming or going on.

HUGE update for my sites, a lot of Pinterst pins ranking above my homepage. Pages that were sitting in the top 3 for years now in the 60s+

Some of the replies from our own forum.

Google is performing some kind of experiment. It’s not an update. Because if rankings fell or disappear, they came back after a few hours.

Earth shattering movements in many niches. I don’t think now that it is an experiment or a bug. Some keyword’s across many niches just popped at the top from nowhere and some has gone to nothing.

For those who are facing issues indexing new article through GSC and automatically. It’s my personal opinion that get your page exposed somehow. Maybe its via social media channels or through social bookmarking sites. The method doesn’t matter here.