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I use them frequently as many of our clients also use their services. They are a very reliable service, what can I say? Some of the key factors that I appreciate about them include their user friendly interface and customer centric approach. Additionally, their troubleshooting process is straightforward; they address issues directly, no matter how challenging the situation may be. While this kind of honesty may not be appreciated by all customers, it is certainly valued among professionals.

However, FiberState services can be expensive. So, if you have a budget-sensitive customer, then it may not be the right fit for them. Yes, they offer premium services and top-notch quality, but this comes with a price. Moreover, a basic understanding of server operations, if not advanced, is required. Therefore, small businesses or administrators without a technical team and lacking the necessary knowledge may find this service unsuitable.

It may sound unusual, but FiberState is not the best option for people from all countries. Their data centers are limited, and maintenance, installations, repairs, and upgrades can be troublesome or time-consuming for some customers. I would strongly recommend contacting them directly before purchasing their services.

Apart from these considerations, all other aspects are positive, and no complaints can be made. From security measures to customer support, FiberState excels in these areas.

Here are some replies and comments from our FiberState thread in our forum.

Best non-managed service you can get. Have on of their AMD Ryzen 5700G with 8 cores, it’s on the best services I have ever used. And I have used a lot of other services.

Their support could be little bit faster. Other than that everything is 10 out of 10.

If you are into serious things and needs top-cut professional service then this is it. The services are good and if you have a team to manage these servers for you then even better. I have a two man team & they do all the work for me. Severs can take some to setup for the first time. But that’s it you should never face any problem from them after that, they are that good.

Here all everyone will point out the good ones. So, I will just talk about the bad ones. Main thing that many may face with this service is availability. There servers are limited it may not cover all the places in the world which a user may wanted. And also I think they should improve their working capability with CDN’s.

Other than this it’s one of the best Server provider I have ever came across.

I have tested them once. They are good. But I haven’t got the chance to use them personally for my own projects. The servers were delivered within the hours they were supposed to. Got up and running everything as per schedule no delays.

The thing is they don’t advertise much so many people doesn’t know about them and can become wary. I would definitely recommend it if anybody has some experience managing servers.

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