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Their own site took a little bit of time to load at first, but their services are top-notch. I tested almost four different sites with varying loads, and their performance was really impressive. Although I didn’t check their gaming servers, a close friend of mine highly recommended them, so they must be good as well.

The prices are very reasonable, I would say. They can be easily compared to any cloud hosting services. If you have some technical expertise, I cannot see any problems arising while handling their services, as they also offer excellent support.

Their DDoS protections are also very easy to deploy. While their VPS’s have DDoS protection by default, it is not applicable if you are not using any of their game servers. Their VDS systems also looked very promising to me, although I haven’t had the time to test them yet. Additionally, they have a pretty decent knowledge base, which I suggest they should expand with more content because, in these types of matters, people can’t get enough.

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This service is highly recommended if you are looking for a system that will not break down in chance of any high usage or something such sort.

I have one of their VDS system. I will definitely recommend others for it. Their servers are located all around the world. So, you won’t face server location related problems.

Although it is a service of value for money. But I will recommend to those who knows what they are doing. If you know how to manage a server and what not’s then go for it.

Also their customer service could be better. I have mailed them something showing the stats of our server. And asked to do what next since it is maxing it’s limits. But they haven’t replied me back yet and it’s been 48 hours.

Excellent services.

You can depend on it to work in any condition. Not to mention their VPS’s are super duper fast compared to others.

They have a very smooth service. Had an app developed in one of their VPS’s a while ago. I loved the service. Super fast, which was a very pleasant experience since no other service was that fast while for our apps. Absolutely no down time.

I would say that their interface was a bit problem for me. But that’s just me. Too much graphics or absolutely no graphics both can create problems.

Collaborating with them for over a year felt more like being part of a cohesive business team rather than just a client and hosting company relationship. They consistently assisted me with every challenge, including issues like DDoS protection, ensuring impressive uptime, and delivering exceptional support. Their pricing is reasonable, not exorbitant, and possibly even more affordable compared to the quality of service they provide.

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