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This hosting service has one of the best supports in the industry. You can chat with their personnel within seconds and get all your queries answered without facing any problems. Like any other hosting service, they provide a wide range of hardware options from which you can choose. They also offer customizable options, allowing you to optimize your hardware according to your needs. I have briefly used their service, and the packages looked very promising. However, they don’t provide the CPU name right away; they offer specs, but not the company name.

For people seeking hosting solutions for small sites or newbies just starting out, I would not recommend this service. Shared hosting isn’t an option for them. Additionally, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a problem for you because their UI is a bit slow to my liking.

However, when it comes to uptime and speed, they are among the best, if not the best. They have limited data centers in Asia, so it may not be very smooth for everybody. To compensate for that, they have plenty of data centers in the Middle East.

Here are some replies and comments from our Kamatera thread in our forum.

They are a good service provider. But something is definitely wrong with their support team for sure. I know atleast 20 people and that includes me are totally unsatisfied by their support.

The first thing they messed up after I placed my order is my id. Took hours to confirm and just log in. And also they say they charge you by month. But actually they charged me by hourly rates.

Used Kamatera a while ago.

I don’t remember any problems with them. UI was super easy and very clear to navigate. Clear options to choose datacenters. Very good uptime and customer support that was decent back then.

The only thing that I do remember with them that can be called a problem was they didn’t accepted my credit card right away.

Their datacenters are not very optimized for Asia, they have datacenters but they are based from China which is not very appreciated among the admins at present day.

I have inquired for their services, couldn’t have them because of this just one thing. If Asia then a good dc in Singapore always does the trick.

Their customization options are really a good help to users who are looking for specific server requirements.

And also I have contacted them many times with various types of queries but they were able to solve those with quite efficiently so can’t really complain about their support.

Overall very good service. I can give them 80 easily out of 100.

Good service and also decent support.

They can be a great service if they improve their support. For example the response time of their ticket system is average (for me) or sometimes I have heard took very long. So, definitely space for improvement.

For US users I highly recommend this service. However if you are from elsewhere then you wanna check with them first. You know the datacenter and other usual stuff. US users can enjoy a good response time via phone but other which may not.

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