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A year back I have tested them. So, don’t mind if I say something wrong. I got the VPS as it was already up and running for one of my client. It looked nice. And the prices were very affordable too. Had no issues with them.

But things got hairy when we tried to upgrade the service. They can have hidden fees and may cost a lot more when you are trying to renew. Some people may just ignore these things if the services are good. It is evident though to let everyone know.

Some people might complain about outdated hardware or not good enough customer service. But I found them adequate. Yes, not topnotch but things are ok.

People who have their audience mainly from Asian countries should look closely and objectively to their services. Their datacenters are very limited in Asian region. They have tremendous options for US, Canada and Europe though.

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I was using a shared hosting before. And ended up having some problems with the host since shared hosting doesn’t allow much of the freedom.

So, I migrated to Racknerd. Frankly speaking I moved to them and not to any other vps provider is because of their prices. They were providing some good deal with my requirements (2 core, 4GB ram for starters).

Many even told me why I moved to them since it was not a big name to them. But the surprise came to me when I started using them. They have one of the best systems if not the best system. I only faced one technical problem (apache not loading) which was resolved right away. And other problems which were basically my account related were also resolved in very timely and efficient manner.

I would definitely recommend it for the newbies who are staring their journey in the VPS world.

Although, I will appreciate if they display a little less graphics on their own site. I guess you people can say that’s a no thumbs up from me.

I am not saying they are very good. Yes, they have their fair share of flaws as well.

When I bought a shared hosting from them. They weren’t able to deliver it quickly it took a day to setup and launch my site.

But once I got my site online they were flawless.

One of the best experiences so far is with them. I have one of my site’s hosted with them right now.

You get what you paid for. And in reasonable terms. Their services are good but would have loved a bit more options regarding VPS and other things.

When it comes to services they are good as any good hosting provider. But I personally didn’t liked their own site design and graphics. It creates confusion and also takes forever to load sometimes.

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