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Recently I was told about this hosting. So, I took a quick look of MechanicWeb. And I am not going to lie here but I am quite impressed. They are really cheaper and comes with good services when in comes to shared hosting.

But if VPS’s plans are considered then they are bit pricey for me. Since I have a used a lot of services and I have came across a lot of price tags. There servers are basically America and Europe based so if you are looking for something Asia specific or elsewhere then it shall disappoint you.

Anyway, good customer support as well. People who are looking to host a blog scripted by WordPress or similar then this hosting can be the perfect fit. However, I didn’t see any dedicated website builder. Maybe they come with an extra price.

Here are some replies and comments from our MechanicWeb thread in our forum.

They are rather cheap. Not pricey.

They have decent support as well. Value for money purchase, I will say.

Yes, I can assure you that they are good one.

Some times technical issues may need a hour or two to get resolved. But that’s nothing compared to their other features. I my future encounter I would want a fast technical response from them.

Apart from it. They are pretty good in every possible way.

Would you guys recommend it to newbies as well?

Yes, absolutely. In my opinion it shall be really good choice for wordpress sites or even small community boards.

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