How to choose which expired domain to buy?

What to look for while buying an expired domain? What metrics are considered important?

I have been hearing this query for a long time.

So, today I decided to write something about it. Coming straight to the point.

Let’s say you have found two or three domains according to your liking. Now what you will do? How are you going to decide whether buying these domains will be good or bad.

At times like this service’s like Spamzilla comes in handy.

Put your domains in it. And check it results.

Now some of you guys may be thinking ‘Is it not possible to do it without SpamZilla?’ (as SZ is a paid tool).

The answer is probably yes. But this tool will do all the heavy lifting for you. And besides, if you are a looking for a solution so that you can choose & buy probably hundreds of domains then it will be the ideal service for you. As the saying goes “Good things always comes with a price!”.

Insert the domain in SZ and check for Domain Drop & Redirects.

Domain drop is the number which tells that how many times the domain has been dropped. And Redirects show how many times the domain has been redirected.

If a domain is dropped too many times (say more than 5 or dropped more than once within a short period of time) then its of no use. And this goes in the case of redirects too. A domain which is redirected more than 2 times cannot provide any real value. Now, you guys might be wondering why is that? The answer is simple. The domain had been used too many times to boost up other sites.

Now check the linking history of the domain. Specially from where the links are coming from and with what anchor texts!! Yes, it’s very important that you check the source of the link along with the path through which its coming.

Anchor texts are very crucial. Stay away from domains which has links with anchor texts that are catchy or spammy ones. Now you guys may ask what are catchy and/or spammy anchor texts? I will say that simply use your head to determine. Lines like this “How to get slim within 30 days” or “Top diet to reduce weight within a month” or terms like escort, viagra, cheap taxi, etc. Always remember one thing a tool like SpamZilla (or any other) is only good as the user. It is you who will make the last decision so use your head.

Now tools like SZ already provide the other metrics such as the Majestic TF/CF, so drill down and check if they meet your liking’s.

As an alternative to SpamZilla. Some might also refer “Domain Hunter Gatherer” but I like SZ more.