Google May 2020 Core Update is wreaking havoc!!

The reason I choose this headline is because it’s indeed doing so.

Every year this time of the year Google releases a Core update. This year they informed via twitter.

Some replies from the BlackHatWorld.

My main moneysite just tanked from page 1 to page 7. I was wondering why for last few hours in my bed, checking everything. No any manual actions or security issues. Then got up, started my PC, went here and saw this thread. Now I know why. F**king update

Man, I lost 50% of my traffic so far. Literally lost all of my featured snippets. This is not good.

Some of the replies from WebmasterWorld.

I’m seeing further step in killing my website by Google. Sometimes it rolls back, but as I see from my experience I got another one decrease move with my website from this update.

I stopped adding content 2 months ago, there is just no reason to do so. I’ve worked my backside off to show my expertise (20 years), to back that up, I have an authority fact-checking my content, I have an author bio, which links to a more detailed author page, my site speed is 85-90, it’s not spammy, never-ever engaged in link building, yet another hit. It is brand, brand, brand. Thin content, but global companies. They keep saying ‘create original content that adds value’, and you do that, but still get outranked by 200 word posts by insurance companies. What is the point?

Reply in our own forum.

Another large update is going on. I don’t know whether it is totally rolled out yet or not. One site I knew just got flushed. From several well ranking and even 1st position ranking keywords to nothing. Many kw’s have just disappeared from the face of the SERP’s. Or fallen to the position 20 or even worse position.

SEMrush is also showing high temperature.