Google Algorithm Update at the end of April 2020 ??

The last month has been really roller a coaster for the webmasters around the world.

Many saw traffic falling to the new limits and many complained about their Adsesnse eCPM rates to fall to the lowest point in years.

The fluctuations in the SERP’s can be seen in the SEMrush sensor as shown above. The graph is up and down.

This month its not the same story. Many are reporting that traffic is rising & many are saying that after great rise they are experiencing a steep fall. In the meantime, webmasters are talking about an another algorithm update from Google.

Here is a link to the discussion going on in this forum.

In other forums, these type of discussions are on the rise too. Here is a comment from WebmasterWorld.

Past two weeks were the best I’ve seen in 6 years…but since yesterday my GA and Matomo data concur that a clamp is back in place…which aligns perfectly with Googles stated effort to up their game in Q2, since they badly missed their Q1 target of >20% revenue increase.

Here is a link to the discussion.

With the Covid19 virus, advertisers are fearing on investing in ads. Especially the small and medium ones. Because these days everything is dominated by the larger companies.

But its not like that the small ones doesn’t have any chance to fight back. But still, its very hard.

Whether or not another update is going on, SERP’s are still fluctuating insanely. And my guess is it’s going to behave like this for the time being.