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Full Version: Which is the best Social Media Site for Business?
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Which is the best Social Media Site for Business...............?
Go for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook cause a lot of users are into this medium you can create a page and join a group at the same time.

LinkedIn is full of professional people that can be your prospect client.
Both are better social media platform. But Facebook and linkedin are best other than.
Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Google plus.
Facebook , Twitter and G+ is best.
The most popular social media platforms to help you market your business better. Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social network on the web.
Mainly facebook is best for business and some sites that running up like Pinterest. Youtube
I like to use the below social media website like-

According my point of view facebook is often used by everyone , so facebook is best option for business.
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are the best social media platforms.
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