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Full Version: Which is the best Social Media Site for Business?
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LinkedIn is the best social media site for business
Facebook is the best social media site for business it has more than 1.60 billions users who are using fb its the best way to connect with people
Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, LinkedIn
Social media sites for business:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Tumblr
5. Stumbleupon
There are many Social Media sites for business such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and much more.

Social Media use for websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.Mainly Social media are computer mediated technology.Social media used for sharing information ,ideas and about our carrier related terms or information.Social media sites are facebook,google plus,LinkedIn,and many more at which we share our information ,ideas etc.but facebook and linkedi,twitter n are best social media sites.
Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest are some of the best social media sites for any kind of business.
in social media we have so much of platform for make our business reach more people in like a country in india and usa most of the people are using Facebook and gmail,Instagram,tweeter,and youtube mainly for video related add we can publish. this are most powerful social media platform for reach our business product and service into more people.
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