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Full Version: Which is the best Social Media Site for Business?
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i perfer facebook,
google plus,
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i prefer google plus,Facebook,Twitter,instagram,are the best sites for business

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linkedin and twitter because all most CEO use these social.
For business purpose, Facebook and linkedin is the best social media platform to increase the awareness of the brand and products.
Facebook and Google + are Best Social Networking sites.
Facebook is the best Social media site because there are many visitors on facebook
Facebook and Linkedin are the best social media sites for business.
The most popular social media sites for growing your business is Facebook. Promote your on Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social network site. Generally everyone is active on Facebook. Apart from Facebook you can also use Twitter & LinkedIn for promoting your business or brand.
Linked is the best social media site for business growth.
The right Social Media channel to use can differ depending on the type of business that you have. The approach can really be different depending on your audience.
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