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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - August 2021
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In our case I am seeing continuous rise in traffic since yesterday. CTR is also through the roof but the revenue figures are still at bottom.

If traffic increases, CTR increases and along with other activity. But the revenue remains still down. Then what's the point?
Exactly, it's like making $20 by selling a $1000 thing in $1020. Rather than selling a $20 thing in $40.
What increased CTR? I only witnessed it for couple of hours for just 2 days. And everything went back as they were right after it.
People from Europe didn't see much variations. But people from Americas, Asia specifically to say people from US, India, Canada has seen traffic to surge 3* times since the last couple of days.
Today again traffic spikes after low of yesterday. But now the CTR have stabilised.
Noticed it mate. The way I see things. Asia is far better in terms of getting traffic rather than any European countries right now.
Actually traffic was down in an all over way. As many parts of the world had a holiday yesterday.

The traffic is not the issue because the extra traffic which is coming is probably spam.
I agree. Today I saw some. And I couldn't agree more. Those are spams. Majority have a very high bounce rate.
But what your say on mobile pages?

Apparently they are doing pretty well.
Yes, they are doing alright. But in my case. Mobile traffic only represent 10-15% of our overall traffic. We get the majority traffic from the desktop users.
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