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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - August 2021
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Unless you are advocating for any product that is from a large company based in US. Then it will be pushed back in the SERP's for sure.

In UK I am seeing our own country's products getting pushed down. And they are just getting replaced by US ones, one after another. The entire European traffic, SERP, images are all a big mess right now.

In the gaming niche we saw a bit spike in traffic this weekend but that's it. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ohh !!! and yes eCPM rates are back to normal.
In our case Asia is also doing great. Don't if it's related or not. But I am seeing an increasing traffic from Baidu. Which very obviously is bot like.
Organic traffic has increased. It's undeniable. But the fact that if they come to non-existent pages and bounce out. Then what you are going to do?!
This issue is far wider than that. Slow indexing, Bot's irregularity, inks which gives the vote all are responsible.

In our forums it is a common phenomenon.
Whoaa !!! Huge drop today. International traffic compared to yesterday fell by 60%. And also eCPM rates are just flat.
Yup something is definitely happening. Tongue

[Image: Capture.png]
Well in our case minor fluctuations nothing serious. But yes Ecpm rates did fell from cliff.
Today it is looking stable though.

The thing is that fluctuations were only for few niches. Many sites didn't even saw any change.
Something surely has rolled out within last couple of days. Has anyone checked the traffic lately? The long-tail and high earning keywords for every major niche are hit by a traffic which zombie like.

And no unusual activity on the bot area.
Today we saw huge drop. And also the traffic that did came are surely not converting as well.
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