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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - August 2021
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Yes it is getting noticed. And since then Google is being pushed back. I am seeing recovery in some cases.
(08-09-2021, 03:08 PM)zeus Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, many are noticing this mess. Google is seriously pushing large sites now.

Yeah, I've read the article for the same!  Confused
Today another bad in terms of organic traffic. Direct traffic also took a hit but it's okay for now.

Around 70% fall in organic traffic this week. Specially the ecommerce one.
A few months I would have been suggested to put some Google products in your sites. And intentionally do some review of Google's products.

But now it seems that only large sites are only able to successfully pull that trick. Sad
Direct traffic have fallen for me. But not as much as compared to organic. Around 50% fall in organic traffic.

After a long time today we saw some good International traffic though.
It may look like that it is getting fixed or Google algo changes are settling. But trust me it's not. Even though when you see less bot activity.
Google is looting us from every angle possible. Organic and direct traffic were bad that I can digest because they are free.

But what about adwords? Why they are sending garbage traffic? On one campaign in ads on tech niche. After investing around $200 we only got 5 clicks. And those were too worthless.
Tech niche is now a pit of spammers. That is also another reason.
Unexpected earnings from ads today since I am using adsense so it feels weird. Did something happened today?
Probably because of this. Wink

Ads are supposed to appear like this.  Cool

[Image: M9-SGU3-Rdfr-La-YDrlse-RUyh-Ydtoeqe-CIb-BZYl.gif]
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