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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - February 2021
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Maybe already is happening.

I don't trust Google with a thing.
English language speaking Chinese traffic is down significantly.. Anyone else noticing it?
Can't say much about English speaking. Because we don't get much that type of traffic.

We analyze them in a lot so we will know in a week or so.
Huge drop. English traffic is down. And when I say English traffic, I mean all English speaking traffic.

From our own country UK, traffic is almost down by 95%.
First I thought. It was V-day fluctuations. Now I am seeing all traffic has been down.
Still waiting for the recovery of US traffic. Sad
Seeing some improvements in the US side. But Europe is down again.

Meanwhile, what is happening with adsense? eCPM rates are low. And it's strange for me specially during this time of the year.
Mine adsense revenue is down for months now. Since the US elections.
While these past couple of days I was wondering why US and all other traffic is down.

Had noticed one thing though. Bot's were going crazy. Apparently a update was coming.

[Image: Capture2.png]

[Image: Capture.png]
Surely looks like one. Tongue
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