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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - February 2021
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New links are not at all getting indexed.

Yesterday was good day w.r.t the last week.

But today again overall is bad. Around 30% fall in Asian and 20% fall in European traffic.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the time zone or not. But today was not so bad after all for us. Dedicated traffic was really good.

Anyway, fall has continued. And also why google is sending traffic to non-existent pages?? They will only show 404 error.
Not in my case. I run community boards so they do land on home page or gets redirected. Although the problem is causing harm alright.
If you ask me. It's quite obvious at this of the year..

I shall discuss with you later on the community board matter.

Again I will say that keep calm. I think it's kind of a slow update.
Slow update indeed.. Kw's are fluctuating but not like any core update..
Anybody seeing a huge surge in spammers..??

I mean comment section is over flowing with them.
Yes in my case in community boards..

Anyway, in Germany, here today was all time low traffic for me. Almost all niches are facing this.
Google isn't saying anything about this.. Why??

Because it's a gibberish update. Sad
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