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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2020
I don't understand what's the problem with Google these days.

Wrong pages are getting indexed or the wrong version of pages. But the pages which I intend to get indexed are never getting indexed.

Some pages are getting ranked only for their tags and not for the main page.
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More fluctuations are coming in. More pages are getting de-indexed & new pages are appearing the SERP's specially in the tech sector.
I am performing an experiment now. Of ranking low quality sites.Tongue
(05-25-2020, 03:27 PM)anush Wrote: I am performing an experiment now. Of ranking low quality sites.Tongue

I have done it. Trust me its not worth it at all.

Google has became so much unpredictable now. Even people working at Google or top officials don't have the idea how the end user is going to get his/her results.
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(05-25-2020, 03:27 PM)anush Wrote: I am performing an experiment now. Of ranking low quality sites.Tongue

Predicting anything is just a waste of time. Lost almost 40-50% traffic in this update.

Everything is like been there, done that. Still nothing is making sense. And in the meantime I am hearing many large sites also have reported traffic loss due to this upadte.
As I am seeing a lot of talks regarding indexing issue.

I would like to point out a fact that if the page has links to it then it is getting indexed. Specially do-follow ones.
Put instagram and Pinterest posts people. That will give you ranking.

Heyy!! I am not joking.
I found this

And also info for another update.
If the situation remains this same. Then I might have to let go of some of my sites. Because they are only costing me money now. No return from them since the last month.
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