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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2020
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Its simple now. If your site doesn't get much traffic from US then you won't get much revenue.
Many keywords which lost ranking last month or the month before are seeing some recovery. But the rate of traffic is still down.

Maybe its because of yesterday being 1st May and today being weekend.

But if this trend continues then surely next week we will see a considerable amount of increase in traffic.

I am hoping that the South Asian traffic will also come back since India is lifting its lockdown and many other countries are on their for it too.
I am not that much optimistic . I saw this type of traffic rise last week & early this week but then it fell. I am guessing there is another update going on??!!Tongue
Another large update is going on. I don't know whether it is totally rolled out yet or not.

One site I knew just got flushed. From several well ranking and even 1st position ranking keywords to nothing. Many kw's have just disappeared from the face of the SERP's. Or fallen to the position 20 or even worse position.
Although I am too seeing many ups and downs. Still I think its too early to state anything. I believe we should give it a day or two.
For the last 4-5 hours we are seeing huge inflow in traffic. Most of these sites are from various niches & were working really hard since the last year's core update. Now it seems they are getting the reward.

But sites from various tech-news related niches, sites which provides quick fixes for common or household problems, sites who doesn't produce their own content but highlight or represents others etc are hit pretty hard. Their traffic rate is down upto 50%.

If its the only case then I would have relaxed. But there is more. Sites with very well planned, researched & insightful content are now ranking very low in the SERP's. These sites doesn't limit to one or two niches. They are from many background and fields.

In the product reviewing or selling sites, its another story. Sites with copied content or even just the photocopy of the seller's actual page are ranking high. In the medicine niche if you are not from big sites or referred by any authority figure then no matter what your articles say or information it holds, its probably never going rank in the first page.

The SEMrush sensors are showing high numbers too.

[Image: semrush-googlemaycoreupdate-seomotionzforum.jpg]
I am no expert. But some sites with the most least SEO done are ranking pretty well. Maybe its just in my browser but still the rankings I am seeing, a fraction of that traffic will also be huge.
You are not alone man. Many people are experiencing this.

I don't know about your case. But evergreen content are hit but their rankings hasn't fallen extensively from what I am viewing. Conversions are totally a different thing though. But then again it can't be stated for sure because its been like this since the mid of March.
This evergreen content thing has happened extensively.

In mobile and related niches. Nothing to report much yet. But some good pages of widgets and apps have lost their rankings. And in place of them some old outdated posts are ranking.
All day today I just heard one thing. Sites with no backlinks at all are ranking. But hasn't seen any of them. Anybody here saw the phenomenon?
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