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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2020
@mediadrug All I am seeing is well reputed sites with good backlink profile disappearing from the SERP's.
@limbo @mediadrug

Its really frustrating what's happening. Many good pages are not ranking. Yup that's fine. It happens sometimes. But pages with no whatsoever safety measures at all are ranking very high. And many pages who has actual harmful programs in them.

If you guys try to see these pages then your browser won't even open them readily. It will show you a warning!!!

Google messes up this time for good.Tongue
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@anush I don't know what Google is thinking. Bing and other search engines would have de-indexed them right away.
Anybody noticing any indexing issue?? A new url appeared in Google after publishing for consecutive three days and then disappeared. Its not like that it has high competition.
@avinash Many well established pages have disappeared (during this update) and you are asking about a new one mate!!
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I found this article on BBC.

Although its nothing. Google just might say that it happened due to any of their glitch. But still some exposure to Google's mess.
@avinash Some indexing issues is going on. In webmasters tool you shall see some activity but if you do some look around yourself in the SERP's then you won't be able to find anything.
Lost almost 80% traffic within two days. Can somebody tell me when this will be over? Will there a rollback?
@bae22 Sorry to disappoint you but no one can confirm anything.
No new pages are getting indexed. And its been like this since the last week.

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