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how to do email marketing yourself with basic knowledge?
Create a form of email subscription and show it to your clients. Asking that if they have any query about your services or wanted some more information then they must subscribe to your newsletters.
I made a video covering this exact topic. Cold email is the best strategy to get your first client. It gave me the highest return on investment and it’s cheap and effective.

But there is a lot more to it so check out this video if you want to know more about it:
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Its good. But if it be more detailed then I would have enjoyed it more.
This involves sending emails to those you think would benefit from your service.
Detractors call this channel spam because you aren't getting permission to send, I’m no lawyer and this is just from my experience as an individual, it’s completely legal to do so in the United states and looks to be similar in other places.
However some countries like Canada and New Zealand do outlaw any cold outreach over email so always double check the location of the people you are sending outreach to.
We typically get a 15% open rate, 5% reply rate and 0.5% purchase rate. I have colleagues who get much better results than this, and some that get much worse.
It really depends on the quality of your offer and how well your system is set up.
I am sorry but I didn't find it much actionable.

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