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H1 Tag is not present !!
If h1 Tags are not present in a page. Then what should be considered as the h1 tag?

The page actually have an infograph in it and I cannot put anything else along with it. It will clearly create friction with the alt texts.
To my understanding anything that is present between the <title></title> of the page or within the <head></head>, will be considered as the H1 tag by default.

You don't have to put it separately.
If H1 is missing, Nothing will be considered as H1.
If H1 is missing, a site having a title tag will be okay.
Your H1 Should Describe the Topic of Your Page
At the most basic level, the H1 should describe what the content is all about. Often, the H1 tag will be similar or the same as your title tag. Usually, the H1 tag will be the title of your blog post or article.
Hey, @rakesh20 how did you come on this observation?
@miller8779 Because I have seen it in my own site. Wink

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H1 Tag is not present !!
@"miller8779"#8393 Because I have seen it in my own site. ;)rakesh20 — 03:09 PM

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