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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - June 2021
@lootmeup They are banned. It's just that some servers are hosted in China. Wink
China traffic is doing real bad work in affiliate sites.

While affiliate sites are falling off like flies. These type of below standard traffic is eating all of the bandwidth.
We have recovered 30% of our traffic which fell during the last couple of months in this update including the gaming niche.

But a few sites in the tech and related niches are doing really bad.
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Last few days were odd. We received 80% of our traffic in the first half of the day. Second half remained silent.

Sites which usually have evening or night traffic. Also getting traffic in the morning.
@diamondhead This is because that traffic behaviour has also changed since last year. But yeah me too find it odd.
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C'mon man we were just started recovering. This week. And again BOOM !!

[Image: Capture.png]
(06-12-2021, 03:23 PM)lou99 Wrote: C'mon man we were just started recovering. This week. And again BOOM !!

Every weekend is more or less like this. Webmasters are having hard time tracking these.
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Those who saw a certain rise in traffic. Fell terribly this weekend.

Overall in many niches including finance (around 60%).

@white knight Care to share?! What are you seeing now!!
@vk_lord Nothing major. Except for the throttling traffic. Our gaming niche is more or less the same this weekend.
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After many moons. Today discover traffic is good. Wink

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