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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - June 2021
@lootmeup These sensors report a few days late usually. So, no surprise. Tongue
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Many sites are hit since the last couple of days. But many sites are not being hit at all.

Take our gaming niche for example. It remained the same with no changes at all.
@white knight Some niches will be effected with the course of time. But I pray, you don't have to suffer.
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Some spikes but fall in traffic.
@lou99 Again it's the weekend effect. Would be my guess.
@lou99 @bsteve Today it continues as well. But as spikes are increasing, we are seeing a very slight increase in overall traffic.
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US traffic is down since Friday. But EU and UK are steadily increasing in our product based niche.
@nupur_a Actually they will too. EU and UK has a tendency to get hit later.

Today many sites remained unreachable. Which caused a certain throttling.
By my guess. The majority hit will be done in July.
Unprecedented bot activity. And also all of a sudden Google is sending traffic from China. I thought that Google is banned in China.

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