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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - June 2021
@nupur_a Weekends can behave like this during an update. Wink Tongue
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What if page speed is effected by adsesne ads? I am seeing as Google is pushing the smart ad agenda. Page speeds are dropping like crazy.
@lonelysoul I urge you to use normal ads. The choice is yours. Google may push but ultimately it's your decision.

Anyway, today sudden surge in traffic in many niches specially tech, auto, finance-insurance.

It looks like that the weekend was worse than the Sunday itself. As, adsense eCPM rates also are back.
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Now, WMT is showing errors for new pages. Although they are going to be indexed anyway but the entire process is delayed due to this. I believe it's a bug.
@cbtech If you have any redirect in those pages then are bound to show error.

Some of my temporary pages were giving errors last week. Otherwise, permanent ones may delay but the job will get done.
Sites having mixed link profile are falling of the cliff. Say, a 10 year old one which has naturally picked up many links are getting hit.

@lootmeup Yes, redirects are an issue. Specially in the case of images. Even the old pics are getting taken down.
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@sammyking I have been noticing this as well.

One of our site which is basically around since the launch of windows xp has got hit. And funny thing is that the site has elements which appears in various type of results. Such as videos, images, content etc. All hit at once.
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[Image: Capture.png]
Again Europe traffic is declining in the auto industry. And US traffic is low just like it was at the beginning of this month.

I still don't understand why well established sites which are old, loosing rankings.
@ecampbell Hmmm !!! sites with dilute link profile are somehow being targeted as it seems. Sad
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