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How to get traffic from USA??
How to get traffic for my blog specifically from USA?
First of all set your Google Webmasters Tool to USA.
Then target USA based keywo9rd of your niche. Connect with the people from that specific location in social media channels, forum communities etc. Submit your blog to the USA directories and classified ads sites. And also try to build links from sites which are from USA these will keep your rankings high in the USA SERP's.
Target USA based keywords. Optimize your site according to them. And also try to get as much as backlinks from the USA based sites.
Have you tried seeking other blogs and leaving quality comments in their article(s)? If you leave your link in your profile you have a good chance of attracting visitors that way.
Languages...Travel...Discussions... Smile
Used plugin of USA traffic and used of domain as UK which are benefits for all websites.

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