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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - March 2021
Links plays an important role in ranking. Content plays a small role.

But what is happening now is just horrible. Ads are filled in the SERP's and also garbage organic results.
Is it just me or yall also seeing that Asian pages are getting indexed at a very slow pace?
@sammyking Yup.. It's the new normal now. Tongue Sad
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Why the eCPM rates have fallen so much I don't get. I mean does all advertisers vanish over night?
@sammyking If you are noticing it now then probably you are from an odd niche. We have been experiencing this since mid February..Tongue
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Our US traffic is all time down now. Anyway, discover is getting traffic. Weird though..

Meanwhile, SEMrush is showing something.
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@mediadrug Yup old posts are flooding Discover.
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Today it seemed okay. News related traffic is back.. Along with good eCPM rates..

And today traffic from closed network countries are down so it might be the case too.
(03-20-2021, 03:16 PM)harvee21 Wrote: And today traffic from closed network countries are down so it might be the case too.

Yup that is the actual case here. Today traffic from non-English speaking countries are also close to none. So, hence the sharp rise in eCPM.
@zeus @harvee21 I only saw that for a couple of hours and then it went down. Today still waiting.

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