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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - March 2021
Around 40% traffic loss in entire Feb.
Hell of a way to start thee month and also the week.

No major traffic yielding kw's are in right position. So, around 40-60% loss in traffic.

@mediamonster I feel your pain.. Sad
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  • elliekushn, mediamonster
@batman Same here not a clue. Apparently, the chatter is down too.
Advertisers are finally giving good rates. So, that's a win for today.
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  • elliekushn
@white knight I am seeing them too. But they more or less around big publishers. Not small ones.

Today saw a bit improved traffic, apparently I am scoring high in Bing.
@marketingS Yup around 20% traffic came back. Although so does the spammers. Tongue Wink
Last few days we did recovered almost about 150%.

@elliekushn Did you noticed a fall than rise?
@nehal91 Actually yes..

And I have heard about situation like yours too.

But I don't understand is that why Google keep sending traffic to those pages which will only show 404..
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  • nehal91
And today @white knight We got the lowest eCPM rates. I think it's not the advertisers but Google itself is testing something.
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  • harvee21
Discover today recovered 5%. Yipee !!!

Anyone else noticing rich snippets disappearing from SERP's.

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