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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - March 2021
Yup @nehal91 saw it. Probably it was error.
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  • nehal91
I heard that gaming niche is very likely to be effected..Can anybody clarify?
@bman27 It's not just now. But it's been like this since Feb..

Weekend gaming traffic's are down. Specially the traffic from EU is effectively down by 30-40%.
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  • mailbox
Google is pushing garbage results now. I hate to be always negative. But that's the sad reality.
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(03-08-2021, 03:29 PM)supaul Wrote: Google is pushing garbage results now. I hate to be always negative. But that's the sad reality.

Adsense makes no sense too. Today eCPM rate is $0.02 which is the lowest in years. Usually it sticks around $0.15-$0.20
@mailbox Actually it does make sense. As the SERP's fluctuate advertisers also became alert of the situation and choke the flow of their money.
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  • diamondhead, Paul
Today traffic fell to another level..

SERP's are just filled with odd results. And old pages are ranking high & yet no traffic from them..
@diamondhead Indeed.. Although traffic never really recovered this year after the holidays.

Anyway, 40% drop in traffic.. Way to go Google. Sad
ECPM is now only one cent in adsense. Revenue is destroyed guys.
@bae22 This was my situation at the beginning of this week. Actually rates increased a little for me today after all these days of down.

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