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How to get US traffic to a site??
Can anybody provide me some suggestions about how can i get more and more traffic form USA to my site??
i am the nation
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First of all you should set USA as your targeted zone in your webmasters tool settings(both Google & Bing).
Secondly, you have to target keywords which are mostly searched from the US & write articles relevant to those keywords.
And the last once you have prepared your article you must get proper outreach to your article to the US audience by spreading them through the social channels, submitting to the US local directories, bookmarking sites etc.
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use original content as well as US language. do forum, articles or generate high quality back link for your website and buy .com domain. lots of point will consider in the SEO method to promote the website in US.
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Firstly Set your target zone to U.S.A via. webmaster tool.
Do a keyword research targeting audience of USA
Prepare your content according to the USA audience
Submit the business to local US business directories, ping submission sites, local classifieds, and social bookmarking sites.
Involve in forums, articles & guest blogging sites targeting USA.
Kavyanjali Kushwaha 
SEO Specialist
Advertise. This one is so obvious, we're going to look at it first. ...
Get Social. ...
Mix It Up. ...
Write Irresistible Headlines. ...
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. ...
Target Long-Tail Keywords. ...
Start Guest Blogging. ...
Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site.
(07-18-2014, 06:34 AM)nationwide Wrote: Can anybody provide me some suggestions about how can i get more and more traffic form USA to my site??
You should do marketing of your business in targeted Audience like in USA only.
You can use .com domain and create US backlinks for website
(07-18-2014, 06:34 AM)nationwide Wrote: Can anybody provide me some suggestions about how can i get more and more traffic form USA to my site??
Just Do marketing, SEO of your business in targeted area like USA.
If you don't know how to do it. You can hire a Free Lancer for this work.
(07-18-2014, 06:34 AM)nationwide Wrote: Can anybody provide me some suggestions about how can i get more and more traffic form USA to my site??

You can get more & more traffic from the USA to your site.
I'm sharing what are all the ways to get traffic to my website from US visitors.

Content Matters, To compete with the United States website, write each and every page of the website content should be written in US English Format
Then Gradually try to get the traffic from the location-wise and state-wise visitors like ( Memphis, Mississippi, Tennessee & Alabama ) and then cover the whole traffic of the country.
If you are doing Digital Marketing for any products or services for your website. Try to use Log Tail Keyword like ( affordable Houses for Sale in Mississippi & cheap apartments in Jackson Mississippi)
Don't forget to set up the International Targeting location correctly in Google Search Console to get the amount of traffic from the accurate location.
Okay now Let me come to the OFF page promotional activities to get more traffic from the united states

Organic :

Business Listings ( free business listing sites in USA 2019 )
Classified and Ad Submission ( free classified ads submission sites list in Mississippi )
Guest Posting ( Mostly have to pay for a link in High Domain Authority Websites, But some cases if the content is good you can get free posting also)
Social Bookmarking ( Use location #tags)
Blog Submission, Blog Commenting & Blog Interlinking ( like Blogspot, Tumblr & Wordpress blog websites)
Video promotions ( Vimeo, Daily motion, youtube)
Forum Postings reddit
Link Submissions
Answering on FAQ Websites ( Ehelp, Quora, Questions)
Infography Submission, Press release content
Submit Content and Images on Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Paid Promotions :

Facebook ads
Google AdWords ( Set-up PPC Campaign)
Instagram Ads
Linked Ads
Paid Guest Postings from Highly DA Websites
Submit your Article with upgrade version in
Now after doing all these both organic & paid promotional activities don't forget to create word document or spreadsheet to save all your links and passwords for future updates.

These saved links are very useful update your business listings in future!

Try to follow the process each and every day for a month, gradually you can get the visitors and traffic from your location or to learn more ways to increase organic traffic, read this blog.
To increase US traffic, Set your target location to USA and create quality USA backlinks.

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