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MechanicWeb Review - mike_zsuluman - 10-27-2023

A bit expensive though, might look at first but they are good, right?

Share your honest thoughts. I am guy who gives importance to backup so it looked quite good to me.

In terms of support and problem solving too they are decent. The only thing that is not in favor of me is their server location. They have all of their server in N America and Europe.

RE: MechanicWeb Review - howard21 - 10-28-2023

They are rather cheap. Not pricey.

They have decent support as well. Value for money purchase, I will say.

RE: MechanicWeb Review - anush - 11-02-2023

Yes, I can assure you that they are good one.

Some times technical issues may need a hour or two to get resolved. But that's nothing compared to their other features. I my future encounter I would want a fast technical response from them.

Apart from it. They are pretty good in every possible way.

RE: MechanicWeb Review - mike_zsuluman - 11-03-2023

Thanks for the responses.

Would you guys recommend it to newbies as well?