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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - January 2021
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The traffic that came the last few days is gone now. About 40% drop in traffic.

Or, maybe it's due to the New Year. Confused
@r_desai Something happened yesterday. I am seeing a pattern here. Every time a holiday or something happens. The next day or the very same day the traffic drops unusually. It's not because of the holiday itself. Because it hasn't been seen the last year or so.
Last 12 hours traffic even further. Specially the traffic from Asia. I am not seeing any chatter over this which is strange.
@davids Because a lot of people are confused over the vaccine and what not's.

And media is intentionally letting them..

But indeed strange behavior.

Traffic is odd hours are up and low on usual hours.
@elliekushn Not to mention the bot and spam traffic.

Absolutely no conversions at all. All across all sites since Dec 30.
I heard that UK is having the lockdown. Then why the rest of the World is switched off.TongueBig Grin
@davids Who knows huh mate??

I guess the US election's side effect is also on full swing.
@vk_lord @davids

We all know it's a big mess out there. And nobody is denying it. But please leave the politics out of here.Smile
@Paul Yeah yeah!!

Anyway, anybody noticed changes in the SERP's. The ads are all of a sudden are acting like that they are on steroids.

And also GSC is really slow today.
@vk_lord Yup noticing it from India as well.
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