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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - January 2021
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(01-14-2021, 09:55 AM)bracknelson Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe, but I don't think so that it will affect google activities, I guess, there would be another reason.

Activity? Maybe not.

But throttling traffic and pushing advertisers.. Definitely yes.

The eCPM rates were down for a month or so. But they jumped just right after the Jan 6 debacle.Tongue
@nehal91 Apparently Big Techs decide what we invest in and what we see.
Something is just not right. Our site reported the lowest eCPM rates.. Even during pandemic mania they were low but not this low.
@davids This entire week has been weird. I don't care what Google says but there has been changes in their algo. First the traffic then the adsense revenue. Yes, we saw it as well.
So, far our week has been good. No funny business. Tongue

But this weekend the traffic fell from the cliff. Sad
@danni Let us know how it goes this week.
I believe another push from Google.

To spend more on ads. eCPM rates are better than the previous two months.
@mediadrug That's why sudden influx in traffic from China?
@danni Well duh!!

So that your pocket don't get too fat. Tongue
Traffic from China is a problem.

Maybe Google should consider ranking better forum and board contents. They give a proper awareness of any situation with many views.

Just ranking articles that says it's from 'editor in chief' isn't getting much public trust either.
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