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Full Version: Highly optimized kw's or relevant kw's for anchor texts
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Which ones are better? Highly optimized anchor text that can attract search bots easily and can get indexed at once, or the relevant anchor texts?
Ohh man!!!

You missed the whole point here. The main objective here is not to get indexed quickly (well if you do then its okay) but the main objective is to make the link pass link juice smoothly. And for that to happen the anchor text has to be as much as relevant.
Why would you want highly optimized anchor text? They are going to get noticed anyway by bots. You should make your anchor texts relevant.
I am newbie so you guys can imagine these types of amateur query. Anyway thanks for the help!!
Anchor text optimization is an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). However, it is important to note that search engines have become smarter and can identify when anchor text is over-optimized or not relevant. Therefore, it is important to focus on using relevant keywords in anchor text rather than trying to force in highly optimized keywords.

Here are some tips for optimizing anchor text:

1)Use relevant keywords: The anchor text should accurately describe the content that the user will see after clicking on the link. Use keywords that are relevant to the page being linked to, and avoid using generic or vague phrases.

2)Use natural language: Anchor text should sound natural and be written in a way that makes sense to users. Avoid stuffing keywords into the anchor text, as this can make it sound awkward and spammy.

3)Vary your anchor text: Using the same anchor text repeatedly can be seen as over-optimization by search engines. Instead, vary your anchor text by using different keywords and phrases that are relevant to the page being linked to.

4)Use descriptive text: Anchor text should be descriptive and provide users with a clear idea of what they can expect to find when they click on the link. This can help increase click-through rates and improve the user experience.

5)Consider context: Anchor text should be used in the context of the content surrounding it. Make sure the anchor text fits naturally within the content and provides additional value to the user.

Some examples of relevant keywords for anchor text could include:

1.The name of the product or service being linked to
2.The topic or theme of the page being linked to
3.The location of the business or website being linked to
4.A descriptive phrase that accurately describes the content being linked to
5.The name of the author or creator of the content being linked to
So, OP did you get the answer you're looking for?