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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2021
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An affiliate site of mine. In mobile accesories niche.

Took a downward jump of about 80%. It is getting very bad these days.
It's simple actually develop audience base which are loyal. Or, follow the path of burst exposure such as going viral and all.

Search engines are very unreliable these days. Here in UK. WE have some sites which are in the tech niche. Basically they attracts a lot of young people from all the continents. But since this month started. It has downed nearly to 60%. So, we are doing special outreach through instagram and facebook. It's not that much yes that is true. But still they are getting views.
Traffic from South East Asia has taken a hit. Nearly 30% fall. And Australia too.

With fb rebranding and market on crisis. Who knows what we have to face.
Don't worry everybody. I talked to Paul. He said that the issue with the forum should be resolved by tomorrow. But it can some time more. Everybody's posts are safe it's just not visible.

Try using ads I know it's abit much. But now you can get some premium ads for low price.
Everything is fixed. If anybody faces any difficulty then they can contact me via DM.

Anyway, has anyone noticed here that South Asian traffic is lowly replced by Chinese traffic?? Which is pretty much useless.
I do have noticed it. But US traffic is the thing we are concerned about majority at the time so didn't bothered it much.

English speaking countries are not having this issue as per my opinion. India, UK, AU all are good.
It's not just Google. Traffic is also low.

On top of that jamming of heavy keywords from big advertisers are also a serious issue.
Holiday's man !!! And also I am noticing that Google is kind of allergic to new posts now.
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