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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2021
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On top of that this time of the year is really crazy.
We don't expcet much this week, anyway. Although I get your point.
What if hypothetically anybody decides to replace the content wwith the exact content images or so. Then what shall happen?
@"retrobat You will loose your ranking that's for sure.

And also even if Google decides to show your captures in the images still it will be a long shot. Because now SM's rule it.
Wow !! Even sales took a hit this weekend.

Our US traffic is bad these days. They just come and go.
Zombie lke traffic from USA.
Today US traffic exceeded India traffic. I know it's holiday time so things will be weird. But it's too much. Even further more US traffic is just like bot.
I don't believe that these are real users. And obviously not targted even if they are real.
Ohh they are real. But just of low quality.

Internationl traffic on all fronts looking good. 30% recovery in the tech niche. Although we have to wait and watch until a few more days.
One thing is for sure. Google is now heavily experimenting with the discussion boards.

But not all are getting the push like the reddit.
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