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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - April 2021
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You too are exaggerating.. It happens all the time. Nothing surprising. Big Grin
Traffic is good after Easter. But the shopping spree is cooling down now. And also traffic is super targeted specially from Europe in all niches. But traffic amount is low. How low? Around 30%.

And many are seeing increase in traffic in comparison to last year as well.
Increase in traffic that's a yes. But not much targeted in my case.

How is the gaming niche going?
The traffic is back. But in instalments.TongueBig Grin
South Asian traffic specially Indian traffic is really low. It's not about kw's or ranking fluctuations. It's something completely different. Like last year this.
That's probably because of the second wave of Covid in India right now.

As, Govt. is mulling more lockdowns. People and their pattern are becoming completely unpredictable.
Just the new of the update is creating the fluctuations. Rather than the update itself. That is my understanding. Tongue

[Image: Capture.png]
You are indeed correct. Apart from huge amount of bot activity and adsense rates falling of the cliff, keywords seems to be okay somehow. As usual SEMrush is hot again.

[Image: Capture.png]
Traffic is good so far. Saw the adsense effect as well. Specially today..

Around 20% rise in traffic. I don't know what other members are seeing? It seems nobody is interested.Tongue
As far as I know. Nobody is seeing much fluctuations. And it's obvious to see a downward traffic because it's weekend.
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