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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - April 2021
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Spammy incoming links at play also. Many are caused due to this.
Not in my case though. But sure in blogs and other sites it happens & me too watched it.
Something is happening this weekend too.

[Image: Capture.png]
Yup, all of a sudden I am seeing huge surge in EU traffic (English speaking).
Many on the other forums are also saying that rather than one big update. Google has now small separated updates.

And I agree. The big updates did terrible things. But people recovered after doing adjustments. But now the scenario has completely changed. These small updates are effecting sites bit by bit. And nobody can point out specifically because they are very small.

In my case though. All of our sites have a normal weekend. Except for some entertainment sites. Around 40% drop in traffic.

And also I am seeing that snippets are disappearing and reappearing every after few hours. Any one else noticing it? Dodgy
Meta Descriptions as well. Tongue Wink
Adwords is a very different beast now. Clicks are coming in but they are drastically nonperforming.

And yes saw the debacle in SERP's too. But it was yesterday. Today it cooled off.
Last few weeks we did saw some Discover traffic. But now again its zero.

Why are you even pouring money in Adwords now? In these times of any update it's highly not recommended.
It's the routine campaigns nothing new. They run 365 days.
EU traffic seriously low this week.

But big sites with plenty of keywords won't see much change. Because some surely will fail but some will rise too.
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