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Which is better Twitter or Linkedin??
twitter is best according to me
I will go with Twitter it more helpful to get traffic towards the website.
In case of members its already given that Twitter has the most people but we can also consider LinkedIn so the best way to do is to use these popular social media platforms to get the maximum benefits.
According to me linkedin is better than twitter.
Twitter is best.
It depends on which kind of audience you want to target. LinkedIn will target more professional, business audience. Twitter target young people as compare to LinkedIn.
It depends on which kind of audience you want to target. LinkedIn targets professional audience and twitters target young people.
Twitter is Better.
It depends on if you are posting a content LinkedIn is better, If you got more followers and active in twitter sharing the latest trends go with twitter
I will suggest both Twitter and LinkedIn is the best. From this you can increase more traffic and views into the business.

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