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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - January 2021
@mediadrug Some late night traffic is gone which is basically from US.

Let's not panic. And hear some more. I am seeing similar talks in WMW as well.
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  • mediadrug
@limbo Massive fluctuations world wide.

First I also thought it was only from US. Then as hours passed. These ups and downs became a global phenomenon.
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  • davids, limbo
Pattern less stupid fluctuations. Can't put a finger on single thing. Angry

But finally the US traffic is back. Wink
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  • elliekushn, likewise, limbo, supaul
Many are reporting that the traffic has declined.

But I am seeing in many cases traffic has risen to the limit of pre Decembeer levels.
@nehal91 Don't get too optimistic. Google has a history of rewarding traffic and then taking it all back.

In my case I can't confirm anything at this point. Very mixed reports. I guess we have to wait and watch. Because the weekend has just started.Tongue
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  • nehal91
My traffic is down today. Then again it's Sunday today so it's kind of normal.

I am not keeping my hopes high for tomorrow. @danni
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  • danni
This thread is continued here.

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