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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - January 2021
@r_desai @vk_lord Many are also seeing an approx. 20-30% increase in traffic.

Probably because of a possible update.
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  • davids, r_desai, vk_lord, white knight
Thursday and Friday traffic rose around 40%. And then it fell today around 30%.

Also today is Saturday. So, there is that.
After the switch on and off traffic. Traffic was back the last 48 hours. But then again it fall to the same as it was before.Tongue
@davids Please tell me that you are also seeing weird fluctuations on your end today.

Some kw's are jumping like crazy.
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  • mediadrug
@nehal91 No weird ones. But saw a couple kw's jumped a positions or two.

Although our day has only started.Tongue
@nehal91 @davids And now Discover is back.

But they are not for right keywords which we were expecting.
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Now-a-days it's extremely hard to get real data/news.

If you have no connection at all then you cannot rank. No matter what you do or how you do

A good read.
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  • davids
This week started off good. Then traffic became inconsistent.

Anyway, I am hearing many are moving one from AWS now. Are you guys aware of it?
@davids Yes after the debacle of Amazon dumping Parler.

It has created panic. But only for those who operate news site or of such sort.
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  • davids
(01-06-2021, 03:32 PM)vk_lord Wrote: @davids Who knows huh mate??

I guess the US election's side effect is also on full swing.
Maybe, but I don't think so that it will affect google activities, I guess, there would be another reason.

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