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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - December 2020
@nehal91 Hasn't had much difficulty with GA but although if it does load fast then it will be a help.

But then again I am unwilling to complain for this because still GA is an enterprise level service. And Google does offer it for free.
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@davids Yeah good to hear it.

Anybody here seeing traffic to come back after the updates for the first time?
@nehal91 Yup since the last 48 hours I am seeing my traffic to come back. It was down since the update started rolling. Our site is in health related niche.
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Since the last 48 hours. @r_desai Our main sites which are in entertainment niche got it's first surge in traffic a week ago.
@elliekushn Actually I am aware of it. Because I heard some chatter in facebook groups that Google might be tweaking it's algorithm. And people were saying our traffic is coming back. Which is odd because majority of the site owners, I have talked to were same as mine (a week ago or so).Tongue
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