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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - December 2020
@elliekushn Around 90% turn around in traffic today. Guess I just have to wait until the end of the day to see the actual measurements.TongueWink
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  • elliekushn
@davids yeah saw that surge myself. And a ton of spammers & bots came with it.?
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  • davids
Google webmaster tool is not performing good lately. So, there is a lot of discussion about it. I personally haven't find anything that can be said in a negative way. Ok, maybe the indexing issue is one.Big Grin
@davids Everybody has something to say about the tool. You are not alone.
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This year the holiday downfall started a couple of hours earlier than expected.

Merry Christmas to all of you people. Best wishes for you guys and for your loved ones.Smile
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And it stabilized early too. @elliekushn

But I am not worried about that. Indexing is really slow. Which is hitting bad in many niches.
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I was hit big time during May. As, I have posted here in earlier threads.

Now after this core update almost 50% increase in traffic.
Did somebody turn off the internet today in Asia?

Usual traffic is not just gone but absent.
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  • zeus
Yup @davids saw it myself. Mine was around 80% traffic down.

In my case it's just not Asia but Europe as well.Tongue
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  • davids
@davids Yesterday, today and tomorrow also will be my safe guess.

Webmasters tool is delayed or not functioning properly that I can understand. What I don't is why GA is behaving odd lately? Real-time is also delayed or not showing correct data.
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