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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - December 2020
@peggy21 Haven't got any idea!!

@md_dan Even if it be over. Then what?? Google isn't doing justice for anybody except for the big ones.

@lordp Nope, Google doesn't care about user experience. They only love to brag about it.Tongue
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I have almost 60% of the traffic in this update. Don't have any faith in Google.
This is very disturbing and troubling as well.

First the traffic down and now new articles are not getting indexed. Is Google really this childish?
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@elliekushn No they think we are stupid. WinkTongue
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After the second wave. We thought that everything will just settle. But I guess we were wrong. Google has now come up with all new set of problems.
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Now Google is saying roll out is over. But I am still seeing fluctuations.

And also what is this with Chinese spammy users coming and flooding our sites?
I have in fact seen this @anush.

But it was back then when the update started rolling.
60% traffic from Europe is either confused or Google is simply sending spam traffic to our sites.

Asian traffic so far is stable but again for our sites Asian traffic falls usually this time of year.

As, we operate a mixture of sites which are mainly based on tech. Its getting really confusing. Some are also saying about another possible update.
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Yeah, I can confirm about the fluctuations. @white knight

But not about another update.Tongue
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People this indexing issue is taking a toll on me.

@white knight Ditto my problem. So, you can imagine in a tech based niche if things gets delayed for even an hour everything gets destroyed.
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